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Are Your Staff Killing Your Business?

Annette Lackovic 12-17

I have secret shopped so many companies over the years to find that the sales team or even just the staff at front desk/service desk/or answering the phone have no idea of the impact they make on sales.

Considering it only takes 2-5 seconds for a customer to create an impression on your business. It's normally based on the first impression from the staff member who has greeted them and it can be that  moment that can actually make or break the customer consider going got the next step...which is talking to the sales person.

 Your team is the face of your business, and the customer is creating their experience from the moment contact is made. Basic skill set training on: introducing yourself followed by asking the customers name at the START of the conversation, welcoming them to your business, asking basic rapport questions eg: how their day has been, notice they have been shopping (from the bags in there hands). Something that shows genuine interest that they are a valued customer not a number.

If the customer then move on to speak to a sales person, do your sales team have a set criteria of rapport questions as well? Followed by questions that elicit the costumers needs and wants?  Sounds so basic right? I have been in more situations where staff have not even cared to ask my name or ask any question and be more eager in getting to the features of the service or product but not building any trust, respect or customer loyalty to want me to come back if I'm still shopping around.

How often do you secret shop your team? Are they being to eager to start selling before diagnosing the real needs of the customer and TRUELY serving them at the highest level. How will you ever know if you dont find out?

Whenever I start training a company I do a secret shop without them knowing. That way there are no nerves in case word has spread and I get to see the team in their true power...good or bad at least it will be truthful. If you secret shop your team do the same , don’t let them know as it can make them more nervous, thinking every customer is a secret shopper and you wont get a true reading of what their strengths and weakness are.



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