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Appearance Counts

Hilary Hinton "Zig" Ziglar 12-17

According to a study I read, the way we look has a direct bearing on our paycheck. Employment data from 7,000 adults was analyzed. Interviewers divided the group according to looks and then compared what those working similar jobs in each category were paid. Those who were below average in appearance earned less than those rated "average." Those who rated average earned less than those who were rated "above average." Appearance includes many things. The style and neatness of your clothing, the shine on your shoes, the crease in your shirt, your choice of colors, and a host of other things affect your "appearance rating." The way you fix your hair, your make-up, and all the elements of your personal grooming make a contribution. However, the biggest factor is the smile on your face, followed closely by your attitude and sense of humor. A good sense of humor and a positive attitude are particularly important as you move into the upper echelons of business. The reality is that people promote people. Evidence is solid that when everything else is equal, we will promote the person we like versus the one about whom we might feel either neutral or negative almost regardless of their skills. The question is, who do we like? I believe you'll agree that the people who are pleasant, cheerful and optimistic are easier to like than the ones who are inclined to be dour and even negative in their approach to life. It's also true that the cheerful, optimistic person is going to get more done and will have more cooperation from his or her fellow workers than will the negative individual. It's a practical matter that employers seek those who "fit," get more done, and are pleasant to be around. So let your "Sunday best" appearance include a smile, a great attitude and an easy sense of humor. Try it and I'll bet you, too, will join the ranks of the "ab



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