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What is My Chakra? Lucky You – It’s All of Them!

Carol Tuttle 12-17

All of the chakras are important to your wellbeing.A common question is, “What is my chakra?” Well, you don’t really have “a” chakra – it’s not like a zodiac sign. Instead, you have a chakra system made up of seven chakras or energy centers that help channel life force energy through the body. This energy affects your overall wellbeing and it affects every aspect of you – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

With that said, everyone has a “dominant” chakra that can temporarily serve as the focus of their life. This focus can shift, with time, maturity, different goals and priorities, or after a prolonged period of struggle and stress. For example, many younger people are “living from” their root and sacral chakras – life is all about sex and coming into their adulthood. Later in life, they may find themselves cycling through and “living from” the “higher” chakras as they engage in more spiritual pursuits. However, this is not dependent on age. Also, if your chakras are well-balanced, one of them won’t dominate the others. As you’ll see, they are all important!

Here we will focus on what it’s like to have balanced chakras – if you do not feel that this is your situation, or that this situation is the focus of your life, then the whole system can use balancing.

Your Chakra System

Root chakra: If your root chakra is balanced, you are healthy, prosperous, grounded, stable, safe and trusting. If this chakra is underactive, you are unhealthy, struggle financially, you’re often stressed and anxious, unfocused and disorganized. If it’s overactive, you resist change, feel lethargic and are overly focused on material desires.

Wear red and connect with the earth to heal the root chakra.Sacral chakra: If it’s balanced, you are fun to be around. You’re emotionally stable, fun-loving and passionate sexually as well as about life. If it’s underactive, you may avoid sex, you’re emotionally closed, you’re fearful and life is a series of struggles and anxieties. If it’s overactive, you’re moody, emotional, obsessive and easily addicted.

Solar plexus chakra: When it’s balanced you have a lot of personal power and you feel like you’re in charge of your life. If your solar plexus chakra is underactive, you have a victim mentality and you’re obsessed with what others think about you. If it’s overactive, you’re arrogant, very ambitious, tense and angry, judgmental, controlling and hyperactive.

Heart chakra: When it’s balanced you feel love pouring out from you, and you receive it equally well. If it’s underactive, yo feel closed off to love and you become intolerant, judgmental and fearful. An overactive heart chakra makes you insecure and you become a people-pleaser, bleeding-heart martyr.

Throat chakra: When balanced, the throat chakra helps you express who you really are; you’re creative, you speak your truth and communicate well. When it’s underactive, you are shy, quiet and have difficulty expressing yourself verbally and in other ways. If your throat chakra is overactive you are loud, gossipy, a poor listener and untrustworthy.

Third eye chakra: A balanced third eye chakra helps you be purposeful, intuitive, observant, insightful and trusting in yourself. If it’s underactive, you’ll have poor memory, you’ll lack imagination, you may have poor vision and lack purpose in life. An overactive third eye can make you have nightmares or hallucinations, and make you live in a fantasy world.

Meditation helps heal and balance all of the chakras.Crown chakra: A balanced crown chakra makes you open to new ideas and you feel a strong connection with the Divine. If it’s underactive, you are spiritually closed-minded and skeptical, or completely indifferent to spirituality. An overactive crown chakra leads to spiritual confusion, disconnection from body and overly analytical about spiritual maters.

If you recognize problems in your life that relate to these chakras, the Chakra Healing program will help bring the system back into balance. If you recognize that you are predominantly focused on or “living from” a particular chakra, it also means that the system is unbalanced. But once it’s balanced, you will feel a resurgence in life force energy and a corresponding physical, emotional, mental and spiritual vitality.



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