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How to Meditate "ReleaseMeditation Technique" Instructions

Brendon Burchard 12-17

People ask me all the time, Brendon, do you meditate? The answer is yes.  I’ve been meditating for over a decade of my life.

I want to share with you how. One of my biggest frustrations when I started learning to meditate was how complicated it was, because honestly, I would read entire books on how to meditate and they’d never teach you. They just talked about how meditation is great and the evidence is conclusive.

Every scientific study ever done from neuroscience studies to psychological studies to self-report studies have found over and over the incredible benefits of meditation, from lowering people’s stress and anxiety to helping them have more attention and focus, to literally helping them do better on tests, activities at work, and allowing them to increase their reported happiness.

It is the magic method for improving people’s lives mentally and psychologically, and many people would argue spiritually as well.

The challenge is that you have all these books that talk about the benefits but never teach you how. Or, they really make it so complicated or not fun, so you’re like, what is this? Or maybe they’re religion-based and people don’t really vibe with that particular religion or spiritual style.

So I’m going to teach you a very basic tool and strategy for meditation that’s caught on. I’m really honored about it - it’s called ‘the release meditation technique’.

It’s so straightforward and easy that anybody can do it. It’s mantra based like most of the great meditational techniques that they’ve been able to prove by science to give an actual psychological effect over a period of time.

This means basically I’m going to give you a word and you’re going to focus on that word with your eyes closed and your whole focus is simple: to have that word repeating in your mind over and over again very softly.

I’ll give you the rhythm that’s been proven to work really well, and you’ll repeat [the mantra] with that rhythm over and over, even when thoughts come up, which they inevitably do when you’re meditating.

Many people say, “I can’t meditate - my brain’s too active.” It’s by meditating that you learn to slow down and control and master your brain.

Often when you close your eyes your brain is like a big stirring and lots of things are going to come up. That’s okay. That’s going to happen in your first couple sessions and maybe in your first couple weeks of meditation, but at some point, less and less thoughts come up and now you’ve returned to the mantra and you find yourself in this bliss state where they show your brain waves get in a better position/frequency to literally allow you to feel better afterwards.

Sometimes your first couple of meditations you might not feel anything, and it’s a nice quiet, a break from the day. Whereas, other times you will find that you feel incredibly refreshed and renewed.

My technique, what I do personally in my practice of meditation is 20 minutes of this mantra-based technique, ‘the release meditation technique’, and I like to do the 20 minutes twice a day.

Or what I like to do is to make sure I do it before a shift in gears. Meaning, if I’ve been doing email all day and now I’m going to write my books, beforehand I turn off the email, I sit in the dignified relaxed position. I go within and repeat this mantra. I set the alarm on my phone for 20 minutes, I close my eyes and do the release meditation technique and in 20 minutes I’m fresh and feel like I just woke up in the morning, like I had a great nap and bam! Now I can write creatively, unattached to all the previous activities.

It’s the same thing if I come home and my spouse isn’t home yet. I’ll sit down and try to meditate for 20 minutes before she gets home, so when I meet her I’m fresh and mentally clean and open to the moment to be present.

I encourage you to do it as a practice twice a day. Maybe you do it in the morning and at lunch. Or maybe you do it at lunch and when you get home from work. Find spots to do it.

You don’t have to do it twice a day - just begin, just start. Try and do it daily.

Give yourself a 10-day meditation challenge.

During the next 10 days you’re going to meditate at least once for 20 minutes, following the release meditation technique and you will find your psychological health. You’ll feel it. It’s a sensation, a presence, an aliveness and freshness that most people have never experienced in their lifetime.

When you do the technique you may fall asleep, you might nap if you’re really tired and your body needs it. That’s okay, let it happen. Whatever you’re going to do that’s cool.

Our goal is to keep focused on this mantra.
The mantra itself is the word: release.
That’s why I’ve called it the ‘release meditation technique’.

A lot of other mantras that I’ve found, and I’m sure you too have found, in meditation study are longer phrases [or prayers]. Sometimes they are sounds that you may not relate with. Sometimes they’re full prayers that are hard to remember or something. For me it’s just the word release.

I just close my eyes and repeat this word release over and over. When a thought comes up, I feel that thought come up and sense that thought coming up and your goal is, just don’t follow the thought. Don’t obsess about the thought. Don’t just say, “Oh look a thought!”. Come right back to the word release.

My rhythm sounds like this… release… release… release… release… release… release… release… just like that. I’m just saying ‘release’ to myself in my own head I’m not usually verbalizing it.

For me, often I start the meditation verbalizing it just to pick up my rhythm and get it in my head so I can focus on it. When you use your voice your mind commands its focus to that verbal aspect of communicating, so it can help you focus and rid yourself of thought. So you might start with your eyes closed and with that rhythm. Release… release… release… release… just a casual release… 

I use the word release because it reminds me; it has meaning at least in the English language, to let go of. And for me letting go of, release, helps me to think of two things, releasing my thoughts and tension. So when a thought comes up I see it. I’m just going to release it and I come back to the mantra of release.

It also reminds me to release tension in my body to find that looseness, that relaxation in my muscles.

I can sense and feel the tension around my body and by coming to the word release, it reminds me to release that part that’s holding tension.

So you can use your own word at that rhythm. I like the sound of release, because the ‘r’ has a rhythm, a sound to it and the second syllable helps keep it mantra-based for me. Maybe you resonate, maybe you don’t, but try it would you?

All I’ll have you do is close your eyes and when you close your eyes, just say the words out loud with me at the rhythm and then I’ll get quieter and quieter and you can repeat the word release in your mind over and over. Again, relax at a casual pace and rhythm for yourself.

You’ll find your ideal rhythm and what will happen is inevitably thoughts will come up. When they come up and when they do, see them, sense them and feel them but don’t follow the path of them. Let them go and come right back to that mantra.

It will feel clunky the first time you do this, certainly over the first day or two as you’re learning to do it, but by the third, fourth, fifth, sixth day, you’ll go into such a unbelievable state of mind and you’ll start feeling more energized throughout the day, more present and way less stressed.

More importantly, you’ll feel refreshed throughout the day, which his important.

You don’t need to hit the Starbucks you need to close your eyes and go within and allow your body to rejuvenate in mind and spirit. When you do that over and over it becomes powerful.

One more thing, a lot of people say, “Brendon, do you listen to music or anything?” Most of the time when I do this personally, I do it with no sound. I try to find a quiet place and there’s no music or anything. That’s easier for me now, when I began I had to have something playing. I do this on planes and you know how loud planes can be. When I sit down on a plane the first thing I do is put on my noise canceling headphones and plug into my phone. [When I do meditate with music, I listen to the sound that I’ll play for you at the end of this tutorial and you can download it for free. The musician James Twyman was incredible for giving me the ability to share this with you. The background music I listen to when I meditate is from James Twyman’s Moses Code Meditation CD.]

So I’ll start you now and you’ll do the rhythm with me out loud and then I’ll stop and you stop using your voice as well and go inside. We’ll play this song [from James Twyman], which is about 20 minutes and I’ll just come in every few minutes to recheck you right back into the mantra, because maybe you might find yourself going off in some direction. This will be something you can listen to over and over again. I hope you will enjoy it and help share the message of meditation to your friends and family as you experience it more.

You are welcome to teach people the ‘release meditation technique’. It’s very simple. They’re basically closing their eyes and repeating the mantra of release for a 20 minute span of time to open their mind. [They can listen to music at the same time or meditate in silence. I prefer silence most of the time.]

The question is what if I can’t do 20 minutes?
That’s okay: just get in as much as you can each day.

If you can do it twice a day great, but 20 minutes has been proven over and over to open up a whole different level of psychological experience and effect.

Try it. There’s a ton of science to it. You can look it up all over online to see the powerful methods and results you get from [any form of] meditation. This is just mine: the “Release Meditation Technique.”

Let’s do it. Close your eyes and sit up nice, casual and confident, and in a dignified way.

Close your eyes now, and I’ll start you and then I will chime in later to keep you back on the mantra.

Let’s begin… release… release… release… release… release…



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