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Awakening the Power Within; Kundalini Benefits

Carol Tuttle 12-17

Kundalini energy is a powerful feminine energy that lies “coiled” at the base of the spine. In many traditions, kundalini is portrayed as a snake coiled around the spine 3-1/2 times. In most people, it becomes dormant at birth. However, if it is awakened or released, the energy shoots up the spine, causing physiological changes in the individual. Partly, this is due to the opening of the chakras during the kundalini awakening. During a full kundalini awakening, all seven chakras (energy centers) in the body experience an opening that is otherwise not possible.

Kundalini awakening can take a lifetime; people who dedicate themselves to the awakening (practicing meditation, etc.) may experience the awakening anywhere from 6 months to several decades (seasoned meditators and yogis will have accelerated results). One way to awaken kundalini is through shaktipat, a process of becoming open to the energy with an attitude of surrender and expectation (best done under the guidance of a teacher)

If a person becomes attuned to universal energy before their awakening, the process will go smoother than if the experience is spontaneous.

What happens during a kundalini awakening?

Significant changes occur during and after awakening.Many people report the following benefits as a result of a kundalini awakening:

  • greater IQ
  • amazing sense of bliss and peace
  • increased psychic ability
  • greater perception of colors, sounds, sights, etc.
  • a sense of purification
  • becoming more empathetic and compassionate
  • dramatically slowed aging, increased creativity
  • significant increases in strength
  • increase in charisma and attraction
  • greater calm and wisdom
  • intense spiritual connection and enlightenment
  • intense sexual pleasure
  • experience of divine light within
  • a blissful vibration of energy perceived in the ears as sound

Since everyone is unique, this list is only partial, and when your kundalini is awakened, you may experience some, all or none of these changes.

However, when kundalini awakens spontaneously, the person may experience some problems as a result.

Spontaneous awakening can happen after a traumatic event – injury, death of a loved one, a near-death experience, a traumatic childbirth, by having sex with someone whose kundalini is awakened, or any emotional shock – as well as through the use of drugs. Basically, any event or substance that suspends the rational mind and allows the person’s natural energy to emerge can cause a kundalini awakening. When this happens, the sudden onslaught of energy causes so much adrenaline to be dumped into the system that it can wreak havoc, with unwanted physical and psychological consequences including insanity.

But when it is awakened systematically and under the guidance of a teacher, kundalini awakening becomes the ultimate ultimate in self-imiprovement that is the catalyst for permanent and positive change. By its nature, kundalini energy cannot be controlled or held back, once the ‘floodgates’ open there is no stopping it. Awakening kundalini can be terrifying and overwhelming, while at the same time incredibly powerful and primal. As the kundalini energy moves up the spine, a person may have both blissful and wonderful experiences, or they may be very intense, frightening and awful. However, one thing is for certain – once kundalini is awakened, life as the individual knows it, will never be quite the same!

One benefit, that is often realized after the fact, is that as the energy moves up the spine, a person’s unconscious, deeply-held psychological “stuff” is brought to the forefront of consciousness. Nothing remains buried anymore – and whether the person wants to deal with it is irrelevant. It’s coming out. And that is why kundalini awakening should not be performed alone, without a teacher who can help guide you through this intensely emotional and physical process of purification!

If you are ready and willing, find a spiritual teacher who can guide you through kundalini awakening.



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