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Why Use Your Guides?

Christie Marie Sheldon 12-17

Sometimes when using your guides it’s the little things that make the biggest difference…I know a family where basically there was no sense of connectedness, and they had a hard time getting along. When the family started using their Guides and Angels – the mom just kind of showed them how and she didn’t make it a big deal but she started saying, “Hey, why don’t you start using that Guide that’s hanging out behind you?”

And the kids naturally took to it; they thought it was kind of fun at first – a little weird but fun. The mom reported back to me after about four months with great news. For this family, things went from always being a little cranky, a little disgruntled, the kids picking on each other and everything that everyone thinks is kind of “normal”, to a state where they all get along better.

They changed some things in their family so that it’s a much more conducive environment for everyone to be in harmony and feeling happy – and the kids are thriving!  It’s just a sense of well-being is what I’m saying; a sense of well-being that these guides and angels brought to this whole family. Because, if you’re connecting to your Intuition, Guides, and Higher Vibration every day, it’s naturally going to evolve into a different state of well-being in the family.


I think at the end of the day that’s what everybody’s looking for, for the family to get along, to have fun in love, to be at the level of joy, love, peace, happiness, harmony, where everyone’s successful and thriving. That’s what I found in my practice and from reports from clients of what it does for their life – that’s what it does for their life.

A common thing I hear from clients is, “Oh, I don’t want to ask for the little things; they’re too busy.” I say if you don’t ask for the little things then you’re never going to get the little things!   Sometimes the little things are important. Often, life is in the details…we’ve all heard the phrase “Ask and it is given”. When I wake up in the morning for instance, if I really want my life to go a certain way, I ask for it. One day I was doing it just as a fun practice and I said, “I’d really like a free newspaper today.” I just threw it out, I just asked. So I went to the place where I normally have breakfast and literally sitting on top of the newspaper stand was a new, nicely-folded newspaper. Somebody will say “that was a fluke” or somebody will say, “Oh, come on, that didn’t happen.” But the thing is, it did happen and it was that easy, all by me asking.

Now do you think that that maybe cheered me up for the whole day? I’m thinking, ”How cool is that? I asked and my manifestation came true.” It’s the little things that just keep us chuckling that make your life a higher vibrational field, the kind of infuses into your day. And then you think about the possibilities; “Wow, if I got a free newspaper today what else could I ask for and get?” That’s what I’m talking about – because the more you ask the more you realize that this universe is abundant and there is no limit. If you’re not asking you’re sort of saying to the Universe, “I don’t really trust you, I think you’re limited. I don’t think I can really get what I want, so why bother?” And that’s actually kind of a cynicism and fear vibration if you notice that. Or, maybe a little anger tied in, so that’s a lower vibrational field.

Asking is saying to the universe, “I love you, I trust you. I’m joyful to be here and I expect you to joyful and loving and kind back to me.” Therefore, asking in a fun way is actually a high vibrational force field. Now you can choose to ask for anything, there really is no limit. Obviously I would encourage you to choose the asking for things that are from Love or Above, what would bring my life into more harmony? What could I do today that would really cheer me up? What could I do today that would bring more joy to my family? What could I ask for my kids today so that their day is more blissful? That’s why I also encourage families to bless each other and add high vibrational force fields to the kids and everyone else. I know moms who wake up and they say, “I just wish or I ask that my kids’ day be great today.”

I have clients who report back to me and say that only that one little thing, just asking that their kid have a really great day, or that they get along in school, that they maybe get an A on their test or things like that, just asking that one thing has literally changed them and their kids’ futures. The kids’ lives have changed, their kids are better. I know one mom who asked that her child’s day be a little more pleasant because there was a little bully picking on her. She just asked that whatever has to happen that it be handled. That’s all she asked for. It was a little girl who was picking on a little girl. What happened is the little girl was transferred to a different classroom. It was at the beginning of school and they were rearranging the classrooms and the other little girl was transferred to a different classroom. So again, was it a fluke or was it because she asked? Well I encourage you to ask and try it out in your own life and figure it out. “It doesn’t hurt to ask,” is my motto!

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie



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