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Indigos & Crystals

Christie Marie Sheldon 12-17

Indigos & CrystalsAround ten years ago, in Practice using my Intuitive Skills, parents started bringing me these amazing kids who had characteristics that were very similar to me growing up. I wasn’t the easiest child to raise – I was very intuitive, very aware, and any environment I was around, I would model that behavior. If the environment around me was angry, I would get angry. If the environment around me was happy, I’d be happy. I had a very strong will about me, much stronger than other kids, I was told.  I couldn’t be talked into things that made no sense to me, I’d argue about it. So, in essence if it was a lie or nonsense, I just couldn’t buy into it.

So, when these clients brought me their children, I understood what they were going through! These Parents would bring me their kids because a lot of them had no clue how to raise them.  They didn’t get what was up, as their temperament was a little bit different.

I then started researching their characteristics and assisted these kids so I could help the Parents. That’s when I realized the terms Indigo and Crystals were a label for Intuitive kids.  I realized I was one of them.  And what I really came to understand was, if Indigo and Crystal children were raised in families that had a high vibrational field, they tended to be calmer and have a good demeanor. The other challenge, though, some Indigo children tend to be brought up in families that are dysfunctional. And I had to ask the question: What’s this trend about?

Indigo Children

The awareness I received is they are here to change the planet. They’re here to end dysfunction on this planet and raise the vibration.

Now what does it mean that they’re called Indigo children? Well, they have a tendency to have an indigo, purple color in their aura. This frequency is really a frequency of light that’s in their aura. This frequency of light has a tendency, kind of like a gas flame, to let fry off things that are dark or not true.

The Indigos started being born mostly in the 70s and the great influx of them came in the 80s and 90s, so now they’re moving into adulthood. And we’re seeing the effects of these Indigo kids on the planet right now. For instance, when Enron fell, or all the banking system chaos that is currently taking place…all of this stuff is about things that are archaic, dysfunctional and not working. It’s all coming to light, like a wound that needs to be healed. It’s coming to light the things that need to be changed. When you raise the vibration of the planet, what is not working has to leave.

The Indigo frequency that is in these children is really in a way kind of viral. If you have an Indigo kid and you’re a parent or maybe you’re a parent who was an Indigo kid and you may have a tendency to have a really strong truth center, you know when people are in denial or maybe lying in some way to themselves.

The point of the Indigo children is to infuse truth, light, happiness, higher vibrational fields on the planet so we can morph and move into…for lack of a better way to say it, a new age. A new age where things are transparent, things are fair, things are based on how do we all get along versus how can I profit to the extent where it’s harmful. Profit isn’t bad but profit to the extent that it could harm another individual isn’t necessarily the cool way to go in the world.

So this indigo frequency is here in our generation to move us. You still have choice. You can have the frequencies and you can stay in the old or you can move to the new. The people that are moving into the future in the highest and best possible way would make choices that say, “Hey, this old way isn’t working, what can I do now? What can I add to my own life? What can I add to my own community? What can I add to my own family that would change this into the way that we really, really, really want to live our life?” By consciously choosing to create it. An Indigo child in your family is a blessing in that they’ll have tendency to call out anything that’s not working. Their frequency naturally does this.

Crystal Children

A Crystal child is a little bit different frequency of light. A Crystal child’s gift shows up after an Indigo… Imagine an Indigo is like a lightening bolt that just kind of strikes and blows up things that aren’t really working, right? The Crystal child’s energy is what follows, that it comes in and fills it all in with love. So a Crystal child’s energy is a little bit lighter, airy, loving, kind, a higher vibrational field. The tendency though I’ve seen for Crystal children is, if they have dysfunction around them they start healing everybody and again they can sort of take on the characteristics of a crabby child, a not very happy child. That’s because they’re filling in the void of the people who aren’t necessarily working on themselves. That’s why a whole family needs to work together to raise that consciousness so it’s not one person trying to heal the other people.

Everyone has to work together. A Crystal child’s energy can be muted shades in various colors.  It depends, on the child.  They tend to love nature, animals, and the outdoors and planet. They tend to be more sensitive to food and chemicals in food – food dyes, chemicals. So, more of a whole-food based diet for both Indigo and Crystal is advised: fresh, raw fruits and vegetables and not very much sugar, chemicals, and refined foods. In my practice I’ve noticed this diet is a little bit better with Indigo and Crystal kids.

Crystal kids also have a tendency to just bring a lot of joy to the family; their energy is a little bit more joyful, whereas an Indigo kid’s energy is often too much for the child (and sometimes parent) to handle.  This is a given as their orientation is to shine the light on what doesn’t work. The Crystal child wants to soothe the wound, soothe the truth in a way and add a lot of joy to it. If your children are Indigo and Crystal, that does not necessarily mean that they’re 100 percent psychic because also it depends on how you as a family raised them. They can be very, very intuitive and psychic but I’ve found that if the parents model that it’s OK to be intuitive and aware, and follow their own light and follow their own truth, their natural intuitive gift will open up more readily and more easily.

I also want to clarify that I agree with people who may say it’s not cool to necessarily label a child. Just because they’re Indigo or Crystal, we all, no matter what frequency we’re holding, have our natural gifts, talents and tendencies and our natural purpose or mission or what we’re here to do. An Indigo has underlying theme, a natural purpose to call out things that are not fair or not true. That’s just how they’re wired so to speak. And a Crystal child has a tendency to want to add joy and love and different frequencies to things. So I agree that we all have our own gifts, tools and talents. However I’ve found in my experiences, by giving people a list of the characteristics that sometimes go with these children, it creates an awareness of why they’re wired that way so they can be OK with it. Sometimes it’s not so easy to necessarily be an Indigo child. If you’re always creating flack because you can spot what’s nonsense in the world, it’s not necessarily always the easiest life to live.  But it was nevertheless necessary that Inidgos show up as they are vital to the positive change that is currently taking place on the planet.

Once you clarify this for the kids, like, “Hey, this is in your frequency, your frequency is just to call out truth,” that can be a model for helping them. If you’re labeled a woman or if you’re labeled a man, yes, it is still an identity. Are you a soul in a body? Yes, that would be the bigger picture. But sometimes Indigos and Crystals have bigger qualities that when affirmed or called out, or they let themselves know what they are, it gives a certain sense of, “Hey, I might be OK.” Because their tendency is to feel they don’t really fit in the world. So my only point in labeling these children or defining them is just to bring some light and clarity around it. This allows them to see that their gifts and talents are needed on this planet right now; just as everyone else’s special gifts and talents are needed on the planet. That’s the only point for using the characteristics and the label.

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie



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