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Changing The World Through Positive Vibrations

Christie Marie Sheldon 12-17

Changing The World Through Positive VibrationsDid you know that a person who is at the energetic vibration of 500 or above can raise the energy field of 750,000 other people around the world?

Now, imagine you’re a family of 4 and you’re all vibrating at the level of over 500 each. A family of 4, times 750,000 people equals to 3 million people!

Positive Energy Is Infectious

Here’s a thought; what if more people where vibrating at over 500 each?

If you have one person at the vibration of 500, at the vibration of Love or Above, you can change the field of 750,000 other people, just by being this amazing version of YOU!

With a family of 4 vibrating at that level, their lives can be upgraded due to the nature of group consciousness. For example, I notice that when I’m hanging out with my high vibrational friends, really great stuff will happen in the next day or two.

It’s easier and more pleasant when you’re around other people who are of the same consciousness of Love or Above.

Spread The Love, One Vibration At A Time

Also imagine you’re a family and you go to work,  you’re effecting all the people at your workplace. You go to school and you effect all the people at school, then you effect all the people in your community or your neighborhood, just by being the one house in the neighborhood that vibrates at 500 or above – you can change that neighborhood. You can also change your town,  your community,  your state,  your country.

And that’s how you change the world – by you, just being YOU, and vibrating at the energy of Love or Above. That’s how we change the planet, because people who have higher vibrations will naturally, just from their vibrations, make conscious, highly evolved choices.

May You Be Love or Above!

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie



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