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Be the Energy You Want to See in Your Children…

Christie Marie Sheldon 12-17

To keep your family on a certain path, it’s not always as easy as telling your kids or your mate what to do. It’s that you need to be the energy that they need…So, what the heck does that mean?

When you’re being the energy that your child needs, they automatically pick up on it. Basically your child is a little psychic sponge!

I was sitting in a restaurant one day and I noticed this kid becoming really agitated. I started looking around and I was asking, “Why is this kid agitated?” I felt badly for the mother…no one likes to be this mother in public. I like to ask questions Intuitively instead of assuming. (You know where assuming leads..LOL!) I received the Intuitive awareness that the kid was basically agitated because the mom was worried about money.

So the mom was telling her kid, “Shhh! Shhh Honey!” and I’m thinking – ”Well, what you don’t know is that if you change your vibration to one of paying attention to your insides, your kid will start to be a little calmer.” It’s not really the kid’s fault in all cases. He’s acting out her vibrational field. It’s kind of a gift…you have to look at it as a gift. He’s acting out what she’s unwilling to perceive within herself or pay attention to. What happens is this – children really are there to help you and they automatically have a tendency to want to make Mom and Dad happy. So if your kid wants to make you happy and your vibrations are at fear, worry, anger, as a gift to you they might act out with your emotions. They act out to show you what you’re not willing to pay attention to. They love you this much and they want you to knock it off and get happy! Literally, if you look at it with your spiritual eyes, you’ll see the child’s body is sometimes, pulling the lower vibrations off of the parent trying to heal them. Most often this is the case. So, are you willing to be the energy you desire to bring more of into your life, these states of being?

This is how Manifesting works, too. So, what are you going to manifest in your life? Well, if you really desire it, you have to be the energy of it in order for it to show up. So it can be a “fake it till you make it’ thing.” If you want to raise a happy child you really do have to be happy, you can’t yell at them to be happy. Have you ever seen that? I have. Funny, the crazy things we all do.

From the energy of peace of mind, joy, and bliss, you can vibrate this around your child. Your child is already that quiet naturally. Here is how I look at it – when many parents come to me and they want to know what’s wrong with their kids, I have to help them realize that we have to clear their programming. It’s your programming that’s affecting your kid. Your child came into this world pretty conscious and it’s your job to keep them conscious. Another tip for those parents who are pregnant… I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to clear negative programming from kids and adults that they received in-utero when their mother was pregnant with them.

I can look into someone’s energy system and say, “You know what? When your mom was pregnant she was totally stressed and she was worried about Dad, blah, blah, blah, and that’s what this energy is manifesting in your marriage today.” Sometimes, the trouble in your life was a pattern you mimicked from your parents. Then you attract that same dilemma into your own life. I’ve witnessed many a divorce caused around the same age that the parents divorced. It’s because the child picked up the pattern. This is why I desire to help families…so that we learn what to do so our children don’t have to repeat our stuff.

We have to be conscious when we have little babies in our bellies. It’s more important for people to be aware that thoughts are things. You can change your world by focusing on what thoughts you are thinking. Yes, you can justify it and say, “Well, I deserve to be angry right now.” Ok, cool. You’re right…but it isn’t going to get you any closer to consciousness. Blame and shame go hand in hand with this. What is that going to produce in your future? It’s just going to produce more fear, worry, anger. So until you decide enough is enough and change your thought patterns, you are going to stay stuck. My choice every day is to vibrate at the energy and the frequency of love, joy, happiness, peace, awareness and consciousness…It’s always a choice at the end of the day.

Another common question I get is “Is it easy at first to break those cycles and those habits?” Well, the answer is yes, if you’re really willing to change. It’s easy. If there’s some part of you fighting it you can use the Spiritual Tools I give you to basically debunk that, clear those patterns so that it becomes easy. So the answer is that it’s always a choice and it can be easy, yes – if you’re willing to be that aware. We’re all naturally that Intuitive and we can all be that aware!

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie



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