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Christie Marie Sheldon 12-17

I have noticed that most religions and cultures have some form of guides. You may call them angels, guides…but it’s some form of help that is called upon. When I was first on my journey I didn’t necessarily believe or disbelieve in angels and guides – at one point they just showed up.

When I had these beings show up in my own life I realized, Wow! Then they taught me a bunch of stuff I would never have figured out, had I read it in any book. It was like personal one-on-one coaching and consulting with beings that were filled with light and love. They helped me re-calibrate my vibration to the vibration of Love or Above. They taught me how to look at the world through the eyes of non-judgment, helping other people become all the things we strive or hope to be, making positive shifts and becoming what it means to be an excellent human being on the planet.


Seriously, they would tell me all of this amazing and valuable stuff. Afterwords, if I caught myself being critical or judgmental or not very nice (even in my own head to myself), they sort of nudged me in a great way and said, “Hey, maybe you can consider this other option.” So, in my own life I found my own guides very, very useful. And when I connected and helped clients in workshops and one-on-one sessions to connect to their own guides and angels, it was like an inner light bulb turned on for them. Their natural intuitive self, this other part of themselves that may have been lying dormant or wasn’t quite fully awakened, all of a sudden just opened up. I found that the clients who connected to their guides and their intuitive nature were the clients who became the happiest. They were the happiest, the most aware, the most abundant, and the most easily able to manifest the life that they were choosing.

I found value in these experiences and of my clients’ experiences because it allowed me to better assist other people.  Now, I had real-world evidence that meeting the guides and angels can be important in the soul’s growth. I heard some truly amazing stories! For example, one woman connected to her guides and angels for assistance because she was getting a divorce and needed a life change and money as well. They basically showed her how to flip three real estate projects and literally guided her to them. They told her exactly what to do step-by-step, and she made $750,000 dollars in 4 months. So guides and angels can really be that effective in helping you.

Another client who connected to her guides and angels was always having problems with her children. In essence, the children were a little ADD and high-strung and had some trouble getting along in the world. By tuning into her guides and angels she adjusted things in their daily life, simple things really. For instance, making sure they had nine hours of sleep every night. She was guided to do that. Or, advised on what food to feed them so they could focus better. By just applying those daily instructions her kids’ lives changed and in less than 2 months most of their ADD symptoms had vanished. And that was her actual experience, one that made her realize that the environment and the way she was raising her children wasn’t necessarily conducive to them being focused and on target in their lives.

The Advice is practical and if applied can immediately  accelerate someone’s knowledge that Guide and Angels are a useful tool to use in one’s life!

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie



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