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Creative Visualization Techniques

Bruce Muzik 12-17

TWO Simple Techniques To Make Creative Visualization Easy

I'm going to share TWO easy creative visualization techniques that will make your visualisation time more satisfying and more effective at attracting your dreams and goals These techniques can be used for using visualization to help you get bigger and faster results with 'the secret law of attraction'. The most common questions I'm asked about visualization and the law of attraction are "How do I see a clear picture in my mind's eye when I visualize?" and "The Law Of Attraction / how long does it take to see results?"

"How do I see a clear picture in my mind's eye when I visualize?"

It's quite normal to find it hard to see pictures (as photographs) in your mind's eye. Here are TWO creative visualization techniques to turn the blur behind your eyelids into a sharp image.

Visualization Technique #1:

  1. Get a brain transplant. Only kidding! Seriously though, you DO want to get your brain clear on what you want. One way to do this is to get a photograph of the object or scene you want to manifest.
  2. Now, look at the photograph (or the actual object) for a few minutes, absorbing all the details. Trace the edge of any objects in the picture with your eye. Notice the shapes in the picture. Are they round or angular? Notice the size, shape and any other distinctive features in your picture.
  3. Now, take note of the shades of color that make up that object. Take note of the surface texture too.
  4. Now, just relax, close your eyes and visualize the object (or scene) in your minds eye. You'll probably see an outline of an image, its form and some basic detail. This is very good! Don't expect to see a photograph in your mind's eye (like the guy manifesting the Ferrari in The Secret movie). You'll only see those when totally relaxed. Read on%u2026
  5. Continue observing your image and then imagining it again. Do this a few times. If you continue practicing creative visualization techniques your imagination will become stronger and clearer.

Visualization Technique #2:

Research into the human mind has revealed that our capacity to see photographic like images increases dramatically the more relaxed we become. Try this:

  1. Take a few deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.
  2. Take 5 minutes to imagine a warm wave of relaxation moving down your body, relaxing each muscle in your body from head to toe.
  3. Do this each time before you visualize and you'll find that visualization becomes a lot easier.

Personally, I use a special creative visualization techniques manifesting CD to help me relax and guide me through my visualizations. Thousands of my clients use this product and swear by it. Bonus Techniques:

  1. Make your creative visualization a regular habit. Just like you have to go to the gym regualrly to see results, so the same applies to visualization.
  2. Try acting out your visualization as you imagine it. The physical movement helps stimutate the brain and makes your imagined experience even more real.

The more you practice visualizing, the more likely you are to succeed with the universal laws of attraction and the sooner you'll begin seeing miracles in your life.



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