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Bruce Muzik 12-17 The Secret & The Law Of Attraction The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

I've been doing some Google research on "universal laws" this morning and I was horrified to discover how much tot

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Bruce Muzik 12-17 Universal Laws Of Attraction - The Four That Count?

This morning, I was doing some research and I Googled "universal laws of attraction." The results wer

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Bruce Muzik 12-17 Creative Visualization Techniques

TWO Simple Techniques To Make Creative Visualization Easy I'm going to share TWO easy creative visualization techniques t

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Inspiration and Purpose

When you are inspired by a great purpose, everything will begin to work for you. Inspiration comes from moving back in-spirit an

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 How Do You Sleep?

Metaphysical teacher Neville Goddard offers us this description of what takes place while we sleep: Sleep is the door throug

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Faith Affirming

Faith is the complete reliance on the power and goodness of Spirit and the firm belief that you are always connected to this

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Dancing with God

Everyone knows the experience of “performance anxiety” whether you are a prima ballerina or a job candidate or a

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Heaven Within

Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, since Spirit is everywhere and in everything. You can begin making a conscious de

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Are You Present?

Have you noticed how often we use up the present moments of our lives, the very precious currency of life, consumed with a l

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Rose Cole 12-17 Heart Opening Ritual

You’re not broken. You were never broken. You’re actually perfect, and you’re exactly where you are supposed t

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Guy Finley 12-17 An exercise for opening your spiritual eyes

There is a universal will that operates twenty-four hours a day that is FOR you, and a will that operates twenty-four hours a da

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Guy Finley 12-17 Realize Your True Self in Stillness

Key Lesson: “Fearless comes with the birth of this new understanding:  the only reason that life changes as it does i

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Guy Finley 12-17 Solve the Mystery of Living in the Light

Here’s a true idea that rarely occurs to us.  There is a greater potential in what we don’t yet know about t

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Mark Tyrrell 12-17 5 Hypnosis Myths Exploded

OVER the years, hypnosis has picked up all sorts of weird associations from stage hypnotists, the media and superstitio

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Mark Tyrrell 12-17 7 Public Speaking Survival Tips

I used to be terrified of public speaking – now it’s natural and fun. Dry mouth, fast heart, sweaty palms, blank

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Mark Tyrrell 12-17 7 Ways to Soothe your Shyness

Shy people instinctively know that they are missing out. Shyness equals lost opportunities, less pleasure and fewer social conne

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Mark Tyrrell 12-17 Improve your self confidence in 15 minutes

I used to be frighteningly under confident in social situations. And although people who know me now would never believ

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Mark Tyrrell 12-17 Reassuring Reasons why Hypnosis is your Friend

Believe the hype or think for yourself For too long hypnosis has had a bad or ‘difficult’ press. If a person does

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Rose Cole 12-17 My Dark Night of The Soul

Have you ever dreamt of being adrift in the ocean alone? Each time you think it’s safe to come up for air another wave cra

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Rose Cole 12-17 Disney As A Spiritual Guide

How to Use Spiritual Principles from Disney to Create Your Own Happily Ever After… A lot of adults, including many‚Äč

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Burt Goldman 12-17 The Five Rules of Happiness

Are You Happy When You’re Happy? You know when you’re happy, and certainly no one has to tell you when you’

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Nick Ortner 12-17 Breakthroughs in Energy Psychology: A New Way to Heal the Body and Mind

Yoga, meditation, massage, acupuncture, and herbal remedies; these are just some of Eastern medicine's contributions to our

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Burt Goldman 12-17 The Art of True Happiness - 5 Simple Tips To Live By

For most people, the search for happiness is neverending. But what most of us don't realize is that happiness is an art, and

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Burt Goldman 12-17 How to Let Go of Stress

Most Problems are Caused by Stress Again and again you hear it: Problems are caused by stress. Doctors, psychologists, psychi

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Carol Tuttle 12-17 Our Connection With Nature and Energy Profiling

When you say the word nature, what comes to your mind? Most people will give an answer that is in reference to the expression of

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