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3 Self-Hypnosis Techniques to Build Confidence

Jim Katsoulis 12-17

3 Self-Hypnosis Techniques to Build ConfidenceLots of women suffer from low self esteem and lack of confidence in themselves.

This is likely the result of a very impersonal society that often leaves you feeling ordinary, and very rarely – if ever – special.

In this article, we’ll discuss a few techniques you can use to employ hypnosis for confidence building.

The Root Cause of Low Esteem

The best place to start a discussion about using hypnosis for confidence is with the root cause of low self esteem.

Most people who suffer from a lack of self confidence really have a fear of embarrassment, or of scrutiny by others.

Anxiety and self consciousness are, in fact, defense mechanisms that help you avoid feeling vulnerable in certain situations.

Vulnerability is a terrifying feeling for most of us as it often leaves you feeling naked and inadequate.

The truth, though, is that everyone feels this way at some point in their lives. So it’s not an uncommon problem and it can be easily overcome, as many others have done before.

Here are some techniques that can help:

Hypnosis Technique #1: Observe Your Breath

The first method you can try when using hypnosis for confidence building is to find a nice quiet place and just observe your breath.

You’ll soon find that it’s very difficult to concentrate solely on one thing. Your mind will be bombarded with an array of random thoughts.

Simply acknowledge the thoughts and then let them go…

If you practice this technique for 15-30 minutes a day, you’ll quickly find that when negative self talk arises in situations of vulnerability, you’ll be much more likely to stay grounded and on task.

Hypnosis Technique #2: Negative Visualization

There are two types of visualizations you can use when practicing hypnosis for confidence building, negative and positive.

An example of a negative visualization would be to put yourself in a situation where you would typically feel vulnerable.

You want to feel the vulnerability as much as possible so that you desensitize yourself to it.

Hypnosis Technique #3: Positive Visualization

The other possibility for a visualization when practicing hypnosis for confidence building is positive visualization.

This is basically when you visualize yourself doing an act that usually makes you feel unconfident…

But instead, you visualize yourself as a pillar of confidence.

Feel how good it would feel inside if you were to face your fears and get confident in vulnerable situations.

This will help you to muster up the courage to face those sorts of situations and leave you feeling much better about yourself.

Facing Your Fears

These are just a few of the numerous methods you can employ to use hypnosis for confidence building. With just a little bit of regular commitment and practice, you’ll soon find yourself able to confidently face situations that used to scare you.

If you feel like you need more support and hypnosis tools, especially for turning your most cherished dreams into accomplishments…

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