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Brian Johnson 12-17

“A practice (as a noun) can be anything you practice on a regular basis as an integral part of your life—not in order to gain something else, but for its own sake… For a master, the rewards gained along the way are fine, but they are not the main reason for the journey. Ultimately, the master and the master’s path are one. And if the traveler is fortunate—that is, if the path is complex and profound enough—the destination is two miles farther away for every mile he or she travels.” ~ George Leonard from Mastery


Do you (I mean, really) practice anything? Let alone HAVE a practice? 

If we intend to be a master of our lives—in our self-development, our intimate and professional relationships, our work, our hobbies—we need to practice the skills inherent to mastering that subject AND make that practice a practice.

Practice as a noun. It’s a powerful (!) concept.

Can you make your self-development a practice? Create rituals around your meditation or journaling or reading or exercising so that it’s not a “when I can squeeze it in” kinda thing but a fundamental part of you? A practice you honor on your path to mastery.

How about your relationships? Are you practicing how to be a better partner to your significant other? Or consciously developing your relationship skills for a future partner if you’re not currently in a relationship? Knowing how important appreciation is to the strength of a relationship, do you PRACTICE giving appreciation in your life? Have you made this a practice? (See Notes on Gay & Katie Hendricks for more on conscious living and loving practice ideas.)

How about your hobbies? Do you dabble or obsess or hack here or do you practice mastery? How can you create a true path to mastery in your golf game (or whatever hobby you love to do) by not just practicing more regularly but making the entire endeavor a practice?

What about simple things like washing the dishes or walking down the street? Can you make these mundane acts part of a bigger practice of living with grace, full breath and presence? 

As they say, how you do anything is how you do everything. 

How do you do anything?



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