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Tony Alessandra 12-17 Don't let your intellectual muscles get flabby!

Your intellectual image comes from how well you've developed what's inside your skull. This is your intellectual self. I

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Tony Alessandra 12-17 Master Skills with The Four Phases of Learning

"The longest journey on earth begins with a single step." Lao Tzu, 6th century Chinese philosopher Can you rememb

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Scott Young 12-17 Why Braintraining Games are Silly

I occasionally get emails asking about various ways to improve cognitive performance: supplements, brain-wave audio CDs, drugs o

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Scott Young 12-17 Are Blogs Better Than Books for Mastering Complex Ideas?

Let’s say you want to be smart about a given topic. What’s better: read several books on the topic, or subscribe to

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Scott Young 12-17 Things Worth Knowing Well, Things Worth Knowing Poorly

Last week I asked you which skills were worth knowing, even poorly. I got a lot of responses, from martial arts to programming,

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Scott Young 12-17 How to Learn Boring Subjects

Last week I did a post on mistakes learners make. One of the biggest? Believing a subject is intrinsically boring. When you&rsqu

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Scott Young 12-17 The Three-Step Strategy to Study Hard Without Burning Out

Most of the time I talk about learning better, I try to focus on long-term habits. Build good habits over months and years, and

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Scott Young 12-17 Which Learning Methods Actually Work?

Here’s an interesting article on the effectiveness of various study techniques—and in particular—which ones ha

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