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So You Want to Get Paid to Speak?

Patricia Fripp 12-17

You want to be a professional speaker, even when competition is at an all time high? As a Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker and a past president of the National Speakers Association, people ask me, “How can I get paid to speak?”

Many of the best strategies to build your speaking business are the same you would use to establish any new business. My overnight success took many years of gradual, constant growth. I worked all the time to prepare for the opportunities that were to come. Do not wait around for opportunities, thinking that after these come along, you will begin to do the work.

You are paid for what you know. You are paid well for delivering your message in an interesting, compelling, and dynamic way. Start to hone your message by speaking at service clubs and groups. Remember, everyone is looking for a free speaker next Thursday, so it is very easy to get booked.

Once you have invitations, the person introducing you will let the group know of your expertise and that you are available for more engagements. I know this because YOU are responsible for writing your great introduction yourself!

Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker, Patricia Fripp, CSP, CPAE in Action

If you are speaking for free and nobody has asked, “What would you charge to deliver that message to my group?” you may not be ready to quit your day job!

Consider, what exactly it is that you know that can help your audience make more sales, speak more effectively, negotiate better, have an organized office, or build better relationships.

Your content has to be practical. At some point you stop thinking, “I would like to speak” and instead focus on what your friends, associates, clients etc. actually ASK you about. Then you package that experience and advice into a speech, TeleSeminar, Webinar, public seminar, YouTube video, or blog post.

How do you promote yourself? In an on-going, consistent, relentless way. You start and do not stop.

Always revisit, re focus, re energize.

Tell me what you say you want…then show me one week of your life and I will tell you if you will get it.

Activity begets results.



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