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Public Speaking and Movement

Patricia Fripp 12-17

Some presenters like to move, while others stand still. At the beginning of any presentation you should stand still. Your audience members are getting used to you, how you sound, how you speak – how fast, your cadence, or your accent.

As you continue your presentation, make sure your that your movement supports your message. Avoid unconscious expressions of nervous energy. Have you noticed that some speakers look as though they are doing a little dance? Do not distract your audience with unnecessary movement.

Three types of movement are employed by exceptional speakers:

  • On purpose. When you are moving and it is very obvious to the audience that you intended to move.
  • On transition. You move between one thought and the next. One of my client’s transitional lines was “Fast forward seven years.” That was when he would move from one talking point to the other. If you have three or four talking points, feel free to move between each one. And while you are moving, you can use the phrase “And the second strategy is…” and “And the third strategy is…” etc.
  • On a movement-specific line. You move to act out your words, such as “As I walked into your corporate office…”



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