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“Engaging” Questions

Pamela Jett 12-17

It is no secret, employee engagement, or the lack thereof, is a serious problem in many workplaces.  Research study after research study reveals that employee disengagement can be as high as 71% (yikes!)  This means that many workplaces are filled with people who have no energy to solve problems, no enthusiasm for great customer service, and very little commitment to their company’s profits.  Essentially, they are there to collect a paycheck and then they check out!

While there is no magic wand to enhance employee engagement, there are simple steps that every leader (regardless of job title) can take to enhance the engagement of those around them.  One of those steps is to ask “engaging” questions.  People want to know that they are valued, that their opinions and ideas matter, and that they are seen as someone who has valuable insight and experiences to share.  Here are a few “engaging” questions to add to your communication repertoire:

  • “That’s interesting.  Would you tell me more?”
  • “What are your thoughts on this?”
  • “How do you think this will work with our team?”
  • “What would you do differently?”
  • “How would you do this?”

There are any number of ways you can integrate these questions into your daily conversations.  The key is make sure that you ask open-ended questions that allow others to share their thoughts.  When you actively ask open-ended questions and take the time to listen to the response, you send the message that you value others and their opinions. Enhancing employee engagement is everyone’s job.  Regardless of your position within your organization, you can do your part by asking engaging questions.



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