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Stage Fright? Consider These Tips

Lisa Nichols 12-17

Stage fright is not uncommon at all. Some of the greatest actors, politicians and other public figures known to society experience stage freight every time they get up in front of an audience. Stage fright is a perfectly normal human response to a social situation.

For most people, that first level of nervousness subsides quickly once on stage and they get to the business at hand. Nevertheless, if you find that your stage fright tends to remain, there are a few different tricks you can try in order to help with focusing.

  1. Remind yourself people do not die or faint from stage fright.

    The reality is that the anxiety of stage fright is basically a little extra adrenalin that your body is producing, but your body knows how to shut down the adrenalin before there is too much and will be over in just a few minutes.
  2. Forget about making yourself look foolish in front of other people.

    This is the source for most circumstances of stage fright. Remind yourself that you are prepared and you are a professional. You know what you are doing because you are in control, you will not embarrass yourself. Instead, people are expecting to learn something and will in fact be very happy to be in your presence for the course of your time on stage.
  3. Pick out a few people in the audience to address.

    While your remarks are intended for everyone, identifying a few faces that seem to be especially welcoming will help to trick your brain into thinking in terms of having a conversation with just a handful of people – a much less anxious situation for most people.As youcalm down and get into the swing of your presentation, you will quickly find you are having that private conversation with more and more people.
  4. Don’t dread stage fright.

    Stage freight is a useful tool that will help to stay mentally alert and on top of things. Many stage actors get really nervous if they don’t experience stage fright before stepping onto the stage for the first time that they are performing each night. They associate the lack of stage freight to dropping a line or missing a cue.See your initial stage fright as your mind’s way of getting you ready to give the best presentation ever!



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