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Never SETTLE for Less Than You Deserve

Connie Podesta 12-17

Too often we see those who respect others and treat others with kindness and compassion–but then manage to not be nearly as kind of themselves. They SETTLE for less than they deserve.

Here’s what you need to know:  When people believe that true love, more money, losing weight, a promotion, or a bigger house is the thing they need before they can be truly happy, then they invariably SETTLE for less.  In their attempt to find the solution to their unhappiness, they will grab the first thing that comes along.  And they rationalize all the while about how it may not be exactly what they wanted, but… But what? When you honestly begin to believe that this HAPPINESS thing all depends on YOU—not on other people and other things—you won’t ever settle again.

I get it. Sometimes settling is EASIER. It’s the shortcut. The “bird in the hand,” as they say. It’s choosing a partner who is not the right fit, but you think is better than being alone. Or buying a house that you hate rather than saving more money for the one you love. Or taking a promotion that you don’t even want because the “better title” will hopefully bring you the validation you need at work. It’s trudging through, day after day, without ever stepping up to the plate and daring to try something new because it would be too scary.

It’s all right. Sometimes scary can be exciting. Propelling. Life-changing. Want more? Deserve better? Go for it. Don’t settle. Go after what you want and get it. Starting now.



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