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Climbing the Mountain of Self-Improvement is a Beautiful Thing

Joseph S. Rubino 12-17

Climbing the Mountain of Self-Improvement is a Beautiful ThingAs human beings, we are in a constant state of flux - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Life presents us with a never-ending opportunity to put ourselves into personal development. What we do with each of these opportunities presented to us is entirely up to us. Daily, we are offered a choice. We can either respond to life's challenges by resisting them or by embracing them. Taking on the course of personal growth and development means that we have put ourselves on the path of examining who we are today and who we choose to be tomorrow, all the while evaluating how we're doing along the way. If we are not climbing the mountain of self-improvement, then we are sliding down the hill of decay.

There is no standing still. The decision to make each day an opportunity to take on some area of personal development means we have committed ourselves to the challenge of continual and never ending improvement in some aspect of our lives. In order to support our commitment to constant growth, it can be helpful to put into place a structure to focus on what's going on in our world. Such a structure must involve a means to get feedback on what is working, what is not working and what needs to be put into place that is now missing in order to grow to the next level in any particular arena. Some possible areas of personal development might involve working on any of the following qualities:

  • Being calm and centered
  • Not reacting Being organized and focused
  • Being at peace
  • Having genuine humility
  • Choosing interpretations that support or empower you
  • Having greater physical energy Working on your health and appearance
  • Having integrity
  • Exuding charisma
  • Showing confidence
  • Being an inspiration to yourself and others
  • Allowing yourself to be vulnerable
  • Showing emotion
  • Not showing emotion when it does not serve you
  • Being sensitive
  • Being consistent or persistent
  • Being coachable or teachable
  • Being happy
  • Having a good self image
  • Trusting your intuition
  • Developing empathy
  • Being self motivated
  • Able to make and keep commitments
  • Able to be told anything without reacting
  • Being a good listener
  • Able to make the most of any situation
  • Able to have fun
  • Coming across authentically to others
  • Having discipline Willing to sacrifice for the future
  • Speaking from the heart Living your vision
  • Supporting others Championing others to greatness
  • Exuding Enthusiasm
  • Being Inspirational
  • Being vulnerable
  • Having Compassion
  • Possessing a positive attitude
  • Choosing to have positive expectations in life
  • Communicating effectively

In addition, you might choose to develop the following qualities in yourself in relation to others:

Listening for what it's like to be in the other person's situation

Listening for how to contribute to or support others

Listening for mutuality or common ground Listening for what others have to contribute to you

Being able to bond with others

Possessing the ability to work well in partnership with others

Being happy to serve

Being willing to be of contribution

Being interested in others

Being interested in finding solutions that work for everyone

Not interrupting Able to impact people positively

Being a team player In order to enhance your personal power, you will need to create some structure so as to develop whatever qualities you decide to take on.

Some possible structures include:

Hiring a mentor to coach you in putting into place whatever is missing around those qualities you seek to develop.

Rating yourself on a scale from 1 to 10 after each interaction you have with another person, regarding how successful you were in implementing the quality you are working on.

Look at what worked, what was missing, and what you need to put into place next time to be more effective in the area you are developing.

Keeping a journal detailing your daily intended result in your chosen area of development. Again, record both what worked and what was missing.

Asking others for feedback. You might say something like, "I am working on the quality of becoming more charismatic, a better listener, more powerful in my communication, developing an appreciation of what it's like in the other person's world etc.

Could you give me some feedback on how I came across for you?"

Your commitment to put yourself in research around which qualities would most impact who you are in the world as well as your willingness to create a structure in supporting these commitments will do much toward increasing your personal power.

Creating A Structure To Support Your Development

1) Make a list of all of the qualities you like about yourself.

2) Make a list of all of the qualities you dislike about yourself.

3) List at least 5 qualities that you would be willing to further develop in yourself.

4) Create a structure for developing these qualities.

At the end of each day, week, and month ask yourself the following questions to quantify how you did in the areas of your personal development:

1) What did you learn about yourself and about others?

2) In what ways were you effective in your interactions with others?

3) What was missing in your interactions that if put in place would make you more effective?



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