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Ten Thoughts on Why Everything Counts

Gary Ryan Blair 12-17


Every Choice Counts!


Every choice must have a purpose. Every choice counts. There are no insignificant choices, no neutral actions. Even the smallest gesture has a consequence, leading you toward or away from your goals.



Reality Counts!


Reality is the foundation of success because reality is truth. Reality is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. Get this and you've got it: Reality moves you towards your goals; denial leads you away. There is only one reality!



Character Counts!


From the minute you open your eyes in the morning until they close again for sleep each night, everything in between complements or compromises your character. Every day "for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health" character counts. It is more important to have character than to be a character.



Self-Discipline Counts!


Self-discipline is a habit. It is not situational, but it is applied situation by situation. Anyone can be self-disciplined on occasion, but to get consistently positive results takes consistency. It is the day-in, day-out practice of self-discipline that determines where you'll end up. Every act of self-discipline moves you toward your goals and every exception takes you off course.



Personal Development Counts!


Growth and development is a lifelong pursuit: there's always some polishing to do, knowledge to gain, and love to be deepened. Self-development ends only when we run out of time. Life is a work in progress, improvement never ends, and you never totally arrive. You are, and will be for as long as you live, a self in evolution.



Excellence Counts!


The pursuit of excellence is not only politically correct, it is also highly profitable. A commitment to excellence can help you to capture true wealth and realize the inherent value of your potential. You will never outlive its importance, usefulness, and necessity. Its absence devalues potential, credibility, and reputation.



Failure Counts!


Failure serves an indispensable function in the production of your success. It provides information and motivation for you to learn from and apply. Failure is not only the output of an unsuccessful activity; it is also the input for a successful one. The bright side of failure is that it inspires improvement, creativity, change, and most importantly, purposeful activity.



Health & Energy Counts!


Widen your moral purpose — vow not just to live longer, but to live better, to have more energy, self-worth, and clarity. The preservation of health is a duty. Few seem conscious that there is such a thing as physical morality. You must take care of your body because the day will come a time when it will no longer tolerate your indifference.



Fun Counts!


An essential part of your journey is the pursuit of happiness. Yet, the only way to maintain a sense of fun and play is to consciously choose to make it a priority. Unfortunately, fun seems to wind up on the bottom of the "To Do" list. You are the conductor of mirth in your life, your own personal Clown Prince of Mirth and Merriment.



Your Legacy Counts!


It's non-negotiable: You will leave a legacy. The question is not whether you'll leave a legacy but what legacy you will leave! To arrive at the point that you think seriously about your legacy, you must reach a level of reality and commitment that represents an eternity to follow. When you take the final bow, who will you be? How will you enter eternity? Will you just be a footnote in history?



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