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Gary Ryan Blair 12-17

Like it, loath it, save it or blow it, the choice is yours. But you simply cannot ignore it. Money is important - it has few equals. When it speaks, people listen... often without interrupting. It can help you realize - or derail - your dreams. It most definitely counts.

Money is said to be a blessing...and the root of all evil. Too much or too little emphasis on making and saving money can warp your perspective. The fact is that money is not the first priority in happy people's lives. Health, relationships with family and friends, career satisfaction, and spiritual growth are all more important.

Still, money touches every part of your life. You work hard for it. It is tied up with your deepest emotional needs for love, power, security, independence, control, and self-worth. It affects your relationships, the way you go about your everyday activities... everything.

Money is always on its way somewhere. What you do with it while it is in your keeping and the direction you send it in say much about you. Your treatment of and respect for money, how you make it, and how you spend it, reflect your character.

When it comes to money, the fundamentals remain constant. The basics are simple, truth has not changed, our environment and how we function continually changes, but the fundamentals do not.

Spring always follows winter, water always runs downhill, and the sun will always rise in the east. These are fundamental truths. It has been this way throughout recorded history. So too are the fundamentals that govern money. Paying yourself first, saving for a rainy day and never spending more than you earn is solid wisdom for any age.

Unfortunately, many people prefer to skip right on by the basics, they don't do their homework and finally acquire some knowledge, through the bitter pill of experience. This is like learning to drive by having a series of accidents. Keep this in mind, if you do not profit from your investment mistakes, someone else will.

Money is a faithful, loyal servant and we are its master. It allows us to do more for others and ourselves. However when we get into debt, the roles change and we find ourselves in the position of slave. The person who owes money is a servant to the person or to the corporation who lends the money.

What is it with money? Where's the mystery? The paper you fold and place in your pocket is not money. It's paper with ink on it. It symbolizes money, but it's certainly not money. Money is all about idea and value creation. The earning of money has nothing to do with the pulp of paper.

Money is a reward you receive for the service you render, and the more value you offer, the greater will be your reward. Thinking of ways we can be of greater service to our customers, our employers and employees will not only help us earn more money, it will also enable us to grow intellectually and spiritually. A focus on value creation is the hallmark of success.

Retirement, college expenses, buying a home, better quality of life, getting in shape, paying off debt, or starting and growing a business, whatever it is, start by knowing your goals. It's the foundation of your investment strategy.

Use my goal setting strategies to achieve any financial goal you desire - it will be one of the best investments you'll ever make and you'll save big in the process.

Financial ignorance is not bliss, it is not something to take pride in, nor is it something you want to pass on to future generations as what you don't know, can and will hurt you. You owe it to yourself, your family and your future to learn and apply the fundamentals of saving and investing. It all begins with clearly identified goals.



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