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Goals Are Essential to Success

Gary Ryan Blair 12-17

Goals Are Essential to SuccessYour heart, lungs and brain are vital to your existence. Without them, you're extinct. Goals serve much the same purpose. Consider them the pulse of your life. Without goals you're toast - road kill - history!

For any chance at life, plants need sunlight, fish need water, and automobiles need gas. Make no mistake: A life of meaning needs goals and specific plans to achieve them.

Goal setting is an equal opportunity employer. Everyone needs goals. And because everyone needs goals, they have the opportunity and obligation to set them.

Goal setting is the foundation of success. A builder wouldn't construct a home without first a blueprint. A pilot can't fly a plane without first submitting a flight plan. A minister considers his message before delivering a sermon. You cannot design an extraordinary life without a solid foundation - goals.

On a scale of one to ten, goals would be an 11!

So where does the myth that goal setting isn't that important come from? What's its source, its genetic makeup, its DNA?

Truth be told, few of us were taught how to set goals by our parents, teachers or friends. And of all the subjects taught in school, goal setting only gets a quick once-over. What a shame to think that one of the most important life skills gets so little playing time.

Is it any wonder then, why so many people grow up to find themselves blindsided and ill prepared by the necessity of goal setting? Is it hard to understand why someone would overlook its importance?

Probably not, but the reality is that just because you weren't given training doesn't mean it's not important.

Goals are the very fiber of existence - the stuff that life is made of.

Consider this a wake up call! Success in any endeavor does not happen by accident. It is the result of deliberate decisions, conscious efforts and immense persistence.

Success requires goals - end of story.

Everything Counts!

Gary Ryan Blair



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