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A Candid Conversation on Quality

Gary Ryan Blair 12-17

“A commitment to quality means never having to say you're sorry.”

Quality is about love; it's a passionate obsession with perfection. It is the result of good intention, uncompromising standards, sincere effort, intelligent design, attention to detail and skillful execution.

Quality is the calling card of greatness and it represents the wisest choice among many alternatives.

Quality is only achieved through continuous improvement and performance excellence to ensure the highest standards of our products, services, processes and technology. If you have any plans on being competitive, then quality in the broadest sense of the term must become an obsession.

Dynamic, sustainable results will only be achieved through an obsession with quality.

High achievers are essentially scientists whose laboratories happen to be the kitchen, athletic field, courtroom, classroom, and boardroom.

They test assumptions, experiment with new concepts and ideas, and search through the minutia looking for the needle in the haystack that can take lead to a breakthrough and competitive edge.

In the pursuit of quality, high achievers bring an approach to work that is methodical, pragmatic and demanding. Because these individuals only want to produce results of the highest quality, their personal standards are uncompromising.

In their pursuit of perfection, they pay rigorous attention to detail, expect greatness, and consistently deliver superior quality. In their efforts to perform at the top of the game, they show no mercy to themselves or others.

They understand that quality is a competitive weapon and they use it with great authority.

* World-class Chefs must fully comprehend the blending and interaction of ingredients down to the microscopic compounds in the foods they create. They are passionate about food and strive to create a visual presentation that is as satisfying as the food.

* Award-winning actors, artists, and other performers inhabit their work; they are students of their trade and strive to create perfection in every performance and rehearsal.

* Champion athletes approach their work with the precision of a surgeon and the brilliance of a military strategist. They know that success comes down to the smallest of details and look for the slightest edge in order to deliver a quality performance. They expect and play to win each time they compete.

* Superior Teachers and Professors never forget the significance of their role. They approach teaching with a sense of love, duty and an awed sense of responsibility. They constantly and passionately look for ways to educate and inspire their students.

* An exceptional Computer Programmer uses a series of digits to create a work of art. They search for ways to make the complex simple, visualize the perfect outcome, and work with an obsessive sense of conviction to make that vision a reality.

* Passionate wine makers accept nothing less than perfection. They tend to their grapes like mother hens, lovingly watching over each quality detail of their craft and always look for ways to make their best product better. Nothing is sacrificed, all is given, and no exceptions are ever allowed.

* The finest jewelers and watchmakers live by an exceptional set of standards. Their commitment to quality materials, craftsmanship, and design is heavenly. Their standards are respected at all times and reflect their preoccupation with quality and perfection at every level.

The goal is simple; make your name synonymous with quality.

Strive to render ever more perfection to the form and function of your work. Ensure that each and every aspect of your work receives a finishing touch.

The final attention to detail must be given to the polish. Every single facet of quality must be polished and buffed in such a way that the end result exceeds all customer expectations.

Quality comes from putting your heart and soul into your work. It is lovingly doing all of the things that bring out your absolute best. The word 'love' is appropriate because it is precisely right in both the meaning and the feeling that it carries. Do all things lovingly; that is the secret to quality.

Our obsession for quality in our work should be a model for the rest of our lives as well. Drinking life from a full cup is a noble ideal. We must do all things lovingly and quality of life will follow



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