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Your reality is just a point of view…

Christie Marie Sheldon 12-17

Your reality is just a point of viewYour reality is created by all your viewpoints, all your choices, all your decisions, all your justifications and all your judgments. Basically that’s what makes up your reality. Change your points-of-view and you change your reality. If you want to get your reality to look a different way you have to choose to have different viewpoints – and notice I said “choose” because it’s always a choice. Choice is the first cause of everything. So you have to choose to change your judgment, your justifications, and your viewpoints. Now I want you to look at it a little differently than perhaps you’ve ever looked at it.

Imagine you have this bubble called Your Reality. This Reality Bubble contains all of your love/relationship points-of-view (for example). You chose to take on these points-of-view from Mom and Dad, the community you were raised in, society and maybe some heartbreak you may have had where you concluded in your innocence that love stinks. In this Reality Bubble of your relationship, you have all these perceptions of how you were raised and how Mommy and Daddy did relationship, OK?

So, now that you bought into their viewpoints about how they do love, you’ve already agreed with it, aligned with it, accepted it, and you bought it. Like a big copy machine you have created a copy and you now do love and relationships from everyone else’s viewpoints. You never really chose for yourself the kind of love you desired. You just bought it. I know this is scary, but this is why people show up at my door – because they are trying to get a great love life, and the reason they cannot is because they are doing the big copy machine!

Now, let’s say your parents divorce and you bought, subconsciously and consciously, into mom and dad’s perception (just by being around them) that love stinks for instance. Or, if you live with mom and she does not like your father, you may ingest the points-of-view that men are bad. I have found this especially troublesome in life for men. This means that they ingest the point of view, “I am a man, and therefore I am bad.” I have had to clear this thought and belief from many a man. Then they could finally own their male awesome power. A lot of men are making up for what there fathers did to their mother, even unconsciously and vice a versa for women.

This is also why people manifest the exact outcome they are trying to avoid. The pattern, unfortunately, is already in them and they are like an unconscious copy machine spitting out the same copy. How many of you know someone, or are someone that your parents get divorced and you later create this in your life with either the similar situation or around the same age as your Parents? Check it out…its kind of freaky how often the timing is similar. The good news is you can delete these patterns, but you must be willing to be so intuitive and so aware that you can find them!!

So, if you accidentally aligned and agreed with somebody else’s reality about what love is. You bought it as if it is your own. You became that energy and by becoming that energy, you then manifested it in your life…you may be asking, “What do I do now?” So if you want to change your life, what you’re actually going to have to do is delete from your programming those viewpoints and judgments that hold certain relationship realities in place. So, if you want a reality where you have more than one mate in your life, just have those points-of-view. Or, if you would rather have one mate for 50 + years, gather that point-of-view. It’s simply a choice and making sure your programming aligns with that choice. If you want to have a mate for 50 years you are going to have to check inside and make sure that your reality aligns with, that your judgments and viewpoints all align, with attracting someone to you that is capable of doing that with you. You’re going to have to be intuitive enough to ask inside yourself when you meet this person, “Are they the kind of person who will be with me for 50 years? Are they the kind of person who will grow and work with me? Are they the kind of person who’s in allowance of who I am?”

If you’re going to be with someone for 50 years you have to allow them to be who they are. You can’t really mold them too much or control them. You know, a lot of people choose relationships with the main intention of changing the other person. I know that because they call me asking, “How do I change the other person?” If you are not already married, for certain you need to forget that…leave them behind and go get someone who is ready-made for you with all of the bells and whistles! But make sure you ask the questions I gave you above…”Are they willing to be with me for the long term happy relationship?” And, “Are the capable of it?”

If you are married, I have some tools in the ESSENTIAL SPIRITUAL TOOLKIT FOR YOU AND YOUR FAMILY to change some things if the other person is willing to be changed, energetically. Yes, I have seen people change, hugely and miraculously!! And I hope you get my point that trying to be with someone you have to “fix 10 things on and then it’ll be perfect,” is not the easiest, most joyful path.

A lot of people try to control the other person, or not hold space for allowance or not let them have their life, their way. Well, that’s usually a relationship type that ends up in divorce. Or, being married for 50 years and being miserable. Which, of course, is not recommended! I’ve worked on people who had major illnesses and the root of it was they were dying to get out of their marriage, instead of divorcing. Some people feel that they have no choice. But, I have seen miracles occur, by deciding and choosing that something has to change now!

What I teach is a way that you can go into your reality and blow up a lot of your viewpoints so you can create more space for something else to show up. If you have a lot of space in your reality, it leaves doors open for other realities to move on in. Also, if you’re not willing to clear all the judgments you have right now, and all the ways that you do life and you’re not willing to clear or look at them and say – “Hey, does this add to my life or does it take away from my life?” “Does it move my life towards the way I want it to be or does it drive me crazy?” – You’ll keep yourself in the same situation. In each choice you make you have to ask, “Am I congruently aligned with the manifestation that I really desire?” Let’s say that you’re with a mate and you say, “I want to be with this mate and I want to be in a monogamous, happy relationship,” but you’re choosing to open the door to somebody else, that choice obviously is not going to give you the manifestation that you desire. So it’s about choice and it’s about eliminating all the viewpoints that are basically in the way of you creating your reality, your way.

If you want your life to be happy, you’ll have to consider really analyzing what viewpoint, judgment or decision you are I holding right now that’s manifesting this into your life? For instance, let’s say your boss calls you up and yells at you. Well, it seems like it’s the boss’s reason, not yours. You’ve got to realize that it’s your reality; you have some viewpoint or decision in your reality that is letting this happen to you. Somewhere it’s magnetic, you allowed it in. Your job is to find the cause and eliminate it permanently. Don’t beat yourself up by knowing this…but you have to know this in order to have enough awareness to change it, otherwise you are always a victim. So you have to ask yourself, “What viewpoints, judgments, and decisions have I made that allowed this boss to start yelling at me right now?” And maybe it’s that you need to go work somewhere else. Maybe you’re not feeling valued about yourself so you’re bringing into your life somebody who doesn’t value you. That’s the magnetic quality I am talking about. It’s your vision of yourself that’s creating the out-picturing of a boss or somebody that’s not valuing you. It’s your thought about yourself that manifested it first.

Just start playing with this and notice the choice, decision and viewpoint you are having in any moment that is creating that moment.

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie Sheldon



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