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The Law Of Attraction :How Long Does It Take To See Results

Bruce Muzik 12-17

The Law Of Attraction :How Long Does It Take To See ResultsThis question reveals an interesting belief system about the secret law of attraction in the mind of the person asking the question.

The belief system I’m referring to could be put like this…

“The Law Of Attraction will bring me what I want without me having to lift a finger!”

If someone is wondering “How long does it take to see results with the law of attraction?” they must obviously think that their results are outside their sphere influence, and not within their control.

Usually I discover that these people are secretly hoping that one morning they will wake up to find that ‘the secret Law Of Attraction’ will magically attract success for them without them having to be involved.

Cognitive psychology calls this kind of thinking Magical Thinking because its as if the thinker expects the law of attraction to magically manifest their every desire. Magical thinking is a stage of development that we all pass through as we grow. Some of us get stuck there for a while…

Anyway, the faulty belief that the Law Of Attraction is going to magically manifest their dreams has people practicing creative visualization techniques (which are incredibly powerful), but they soon get frustrated when their goals, dreams and desires don’t appear in a puff of smoke in their front garden.

Wouldn’t it be cool if all we had to do was sit around using mental imagery all day and then some universal laws of attraction magically manifested our dream house or our ideal romantic partner?

If it were that easy, everyone would be rich, healthy and happy. Looking at the news, they’re clearly not!

I’m not saying that the law of attraction does not work… It absolutely does, but not in the way that The Secret movie would have us believe.
Using the Law of Attraction / how long does it take to see results?

The Law Of Attraction is NOT designed to bring you what you want.

It is designed to bring you opportunities to take ACTION to get what you want.” This is a very important distinction.

You can use the attraction process to create opportunities for yourself, but ultimately you have to take action to turn those opportunities into results.

Here’s what works for me.

I regularly practice creative visualization techniques combined with a healthy dose of daily action, and find that the universal laws of attraction begin working very quickly, in an almost miraculous way.

Here’s my point: Without the ACTION part of attrACTION, you’ll be waiting a long time for your stuff to arrive.

If you are interested in learning more about attracting BIGGER, better results, claim your FREE report about the Law of Attraction "How long does it take to see results?”

P.S. You'll get BIG RESULTS when you begin taking BIG ACTION.



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