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Master Your Mindset (Part II)

Bruce Muzik 12-17

Mental DNA

Last time I wrote about how our mindsets determine what we will and won't do - even how much money we can and can't earn each month. Our mindsets are like our mental DNA, the blueprint for our life.

It's all about the results.

So, why all this talk of mindsets?

One way to look at life is that life is all about getting new, better or different results. You are probably reading this because you are interested in getting better results in some area of life, probably including the area of wealth. You car is a result, your relationship is a result, your bank balance is a result etc.

So how do we create results? Our results are a product of our actions. We choose our actions based on our thoughts and our thoughts originate from our mindsets (or programs as I sometimes like to call them).

So then, THOUGHTS => ACTIONS => RESULTS. Got it? Good.

Our thought processes are like seeds growing in the soil of our mindsets. So, if the soil is infertile, the seeds cannot grow, however, if the soil is fertile, the seeds will grow into giant trees that sustain life. The moral of the story is that if you are planting seeds of wealth, they need to be planted in a fertile mindset that will support their growth.


It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if we want new, better or different results in an area of our lives, we need new, better or different mindsets.

Your Wealth Blueprint

Your Wealth Blueprint is the collection of mindsets you learned in the area of wealth - kind of like the architectural plans for how you deal with money. It includes how much (or little) you will earn each year, how much (or little) you value money, how you deal with money etc.

If your Wealth Blueprint is set for R200000 a year, then you will find yourself always earning in the region of R200000 each year. If perhaps you have a windfall and earn R250000 one year, something will happen to make sure you lose the extra R50000. Perhaps you crash your car, the insurance won't pay and it costs you R50000 to repair. Perhaps you need an emergency operation while travelling. Perhaps you get burgled, your wife's R50000 necklace is stolen, and you forgot to renew your insurance policy...

Somehow, your mind, being the powerful tool it is, will make sure that you lose that extra R50000.

It works in reverse too. If you only earn R150000 one year, something will happen to make sure that you make up that R50000. Perhaps you win the lottery. Perhaps someone dies and leave you an inheritance.

If you are struggling to believe this, just look at your past and you will see evidence of it.

Continuing the above example, if your Wealth Blueprint is set for R200000 a year, then your mind will not allow you to see opportunities that will earn you more than that. It literally filters them out because it thinks that you don't need them.

Have you ever decided to purchase a car, let's say a red Toyota. Did you notice that you suddenly saw red Toyota's everywhere you went? This is a classic example of your mind allowing you to see something that it previously filtered out of your experience, because you did not need to know about red Toyota's before.

Your Wealth Blueprint is a bit like the thermostat in an air conditioning system. Imagine that the thermostat is set for 20 degrees Celsius. If the temperature drops to below 20 degrees, the thermostat tells the air conditioning unit to heat up the room and bring it back to 20 degrees. If the temperature rises to above 20 degrees, then the thermostat tells the air conditioning system to drop the temperature until it reaches 20 degrees again. The easiest way to change the room temperature is to adjust the thermostat.

What is your Wealth Blueprint set for?

The easiest way to figure out what your Wealth Blueprint is set for is to look at your RESULTS. To help you figure out your Wealth Blueprint, if have compiled a few questions for you. Write down the answers on a piece of paper.

1. Are you set for poverty, just getting by, or for massive success? 2. Are you conditioned to save money, invest money or spend money? 3. Does your Wealth Blueprint have you make money or lose money? 4. Do you have to work hard to earn your keep or does money flow effortlessly to you? 5. Do you have a regular income or is your income inconsistent? 6. Are you programmed to manage your money or mismanage your money? 7. If you are a woman, are you programmed to earn less than men earn in your field? 8. Do you find that no matter how much you earn, you are still left with the same amount at the end of the month? 9. How much do you earn each year? 10. How much money do you save each year? 11. How much money do you invest each year? 12. How much money do you keep for yourself at the end of each year?

Now, read through the answers that you wrote down. This should give you a good idea of what your Wealth Blueprint is set for.

Next time, we will look at where your Blueprint came from and how to alter it.

Till then, have a miraculous month.




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