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Master Your Mindset (Part I)

Bruce Muzik 12-17

Why does success come so easily to some and eludes others their whole lives? With the dazzling array of Wealth Creation books on the shelves today, how come we are not all rich?

Why do only handfuls of people take this information and use it to create massive success for themselves, while the majority of us are still stuck in the same place, seemingly sentenced to a life of repeating the past over and over again?

The answer is quite simple. Most people's minds are not set for creating wealth. Most people do not have a wealthy mindset.

As entrepreneurs, many of us with the same knowledge, what is it that separates the successful among us from the struggling? Our mindset!

So what exactly is a mindset?

A mindset is a nothing more than a belief that you have held to be true for so long, that you no longer question it.

Mindsets set the limits for what is possible and what is not possible in our lives.

For example, at one point, the world was considered to be flat. This belief drove fear into the hearts of many sailors at the time - they would not sail further than a mile out to sea for fear of falling off the edge of the earth! This mindset set the limits for how far a sailor could sail out to sea. Are you getting the picture?

Currently, we all know that the world is round. Did you know that 50 years after science had proven that the world was round many people still believed the world was flat! Why? Because this new information fell outside the mindset at the time, people's mindsets would not allow them to believe it.

What's this got to do with being an entrepreneur? If you are struggling to grow your business... If you just can't seem to make ends meet at the end of the month... If your bank balance is like a yoyo, one minute it's up, the next minute it's down... Then, You may want to consider that your mindset is running your life, not you! Your mindset determines how much money you make every month. Your mindset determines what you like and what you don't like. Your mindset determines which opportunities it allows you to see and which opportunities it will not allow you to see. Your mindset hypnotizes you into thinking that the world is the way that you believe it is. Your mindset determines the level of success you will achieve in your business! Hopefully, I am pushing some of your buttons by now and making you think. Otherwise, I would not be doing my job as a teacher.

If you want to become wealthy or become a success in any area of life, I cannot overemphasize how important it is to grasp this concept fully. You are not in control of your life. You past conditioning is running the show for you. Your mindsets allow you to go through life on autopilot, without having to choose. In most cases, your mindsets choose for you. If you were one of the lucky ones that inherited a beneficial mindset around money as you were growing up, then perhaps going through life on autopilot is not such a bad thing... However, if you are like most people, you are probably fed up with struggling.

So what can you do to create a wealthy mindset?

It's actually really simple really. One way to 'reprogram' your mindset is to adopt some new beliefs about money. Learn how the wealthy think, then model them. This is going to be the subject of future articles I publish at, so bookmark this site and check back here often.

Another way to 'reprogram' your mindset is at one of my Wealth Blueprint workshops. At the end of this one day experiential workshop you will identify and transform your current Wealth Blueprint, let go of your previous conditioning around money and learn how to put your success on autopilot. will be hosting a Wealth Blueprint workshop in Johannesburg and Cape Town exclusively for you readers in April 2007, where we will begin to transform your money mindset on the spot. Visit to register for the workshop now.

Next time, I'll teach you about your Wealth Blueprint and we'll determine what it is set for.

Till then, have a miraculous month.




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