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How Your Judgements Affect Your Manifestations And Your Reality

Christie Marie Sheldon 12-17

Today, I want to talk a little bit about manifesting.

This is how I see manifesting: I look at my universe as basically a 360 degree universe, up down and all around. I look at my universe with the view that unlimited, fantastic manifestations can come in through all doors. Then I let everything flow around me and I choose what I desire.

If you judge how your manifestations can show up in your life, you create limits in your manifesting. For example, if you say “I will only receive money from work,” then you’ve created always having to work for your money because it’s now in your belief system.


Change Your Views

What if you thought instead, “I am so lucky.  Money comes to me from the easiest places.”

Then your judgement will bring you money.

For example, let’s say somebody comes up to you and says, “Hey, I would like to give you this money.”

First off, that person probably won’t enter your universe because you already believe that you can only receive money through work. So the chances are already diminished for that person to even show up to offer you money. But for the purposes of this example, let’s just say they show up and do offer you money. You would probably be skeptical, think it’s too good to be true, and pass on the opportunity.

How can one person see the opportunity in front of them and others do not?  It’s because they judge it so, hence the door remains closed as to what is possible in their lives.


Change Your Judgement, Change Your Reality

How many of you had ever had some brilliant idea flash in your head that made you go “Ooh, I really should make this product, I could make millions.”

Later on down the road, you see that product on the grocery store shelves and somebody else is making millions of dollars on it.

Is it that you weren’t brilliant enough, smart enough or gifted enough to manifest that brilliant idea into the world? Or, is it that your judgment and belief of what you are capable of, what you could do or would do was blocked by your judgements.  Your view is making you finite and limited!

Remember, those judgments are costing you money, love and joy.  These are the most important things you have in your life.

Judgements inhibit you from seeing the full potential of what’s possible. When somebody offers you a tool or a new way of viewing it and you have a tendency to judge it and say, ”That’s not possible,” or “Oh, that can’t happen.”

Can you see how that would block your manifestation? Maybe somebody’s giving you the most amazing tool or gift and saying, “Hey, this will work for your family, raise the vibrational force for your family.” If you judge that as, “That’s not possible, I don’t see that in my own world,” then you’re right.

But you’re also severely limiting yourself.

Because your ability to manifest is limited by each and every judgment you make. I talk about that on my Manifesting CD – the importance of releasing all the judgments that we make every day of what’s really possible and focusing more on, “Hey, if I eliminate those judgments what can I bring into my life, what can I add to my life that would make it easier?”

That’s also another question that you could ask every day to increase your manifesting – “What could I add to my life that would bring me more?” Then fill in the blank…more love, more joy, more harmony in my family, more money, whatever it is that you want.


Retain That Child-Like Energy

I noticed that when we tend to get older, we have more judgments and more points-of-view as to how things have to be in the world. This can inhibit our manifestations. It’s the polar opposite of when we’re coming from a place of “care but not care”…like that energy you had when you were a kid when you “care but care-less,” you just fling it out there and see what happens, right? Like a boom-a-rang it comes back quickly from that lightness. That’s the space where the manifestation occurs. It’s from that energy.

Choosing a life you live and then allowing it to come into your field of energy, and also un-creating and deleting the viewpoints that aren’t working for you – that’s the key.

Living Love or Above,

Christie Marie



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