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How to make wealth creation easy

Bruce Muzik 12-17

In today’s world, everyone has a different opinion about how to become wealthy. Some teachers tell you to diversify your investments while others will tell you to focus on one thing. Some teachers teach that property is the best investment vehicle, while others will tell you to buy a franchise.

Everybody has a valid opinion and everybody thinks that their opinion is right. It probably is, but it’s right for them because of who they are, and may be very, very wrong for you.


I recently had the privilege of sharing a stage with Roger Hamilton, the man who created the Wealth Dynamics system – a system for finding your path of least resistance to wealth. His system takes all the guess work out of HOW to claim your wealth. With that in mind, let’s look at how you can discover your path of least resistance to wealth.

Having studied hundreds of the world’s wealthiest people, Roger discovered something very interesting… All of them created their wealth in only one of EIGHT WAYS.


Each one of us also has the potential to amass large amounts of wealth effortlessly, but only if we create it in a particular way. Just like Tiger Woods is naturally predisposed to playing golf, so too you are naturally predisposed to creating wealth in a particular way – a way that is the most natural (and most effortless) for you.

The reason why so many people struggle to create wealth is that they are not following their path of least resistance. Let me explain…

Imagine if Tiger Woods changed careers and moved into Rugby! He would be crushed! His body is just not built for rugby. In the same way, Roger found that many of the billionaires who had created great wealth, lost it again when they moved out of their Wealth Profile.

So, what are the eight Wealth Profiles?

  1. The Creator
  2. The Star
  3. The Supporter
  4. The Deal Maker
  5. The Trader
  6. The Accumulator
  7. The Lord
  8. The Mechanic

So, if creating wealth has been an uphill battle for you, then chances are high that you are operating outside your wealth profile. If that is the case, you are robbing yourself of your wealth.

The minute you understand your natural path to wealth (your Wealth Profile) you’ll also know exactly where to focus your efforts and whose advice to listen to and whose advice to ignore.

Once I understood my wealth profile (I’m a Creator profile) and began implementing the specific steps each Creator needs to take in order to claim their wealth, doors swung open for me and my wealth multiplied.



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