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3 keys to win a new life

Guy Finley 12-17

To go beyond yourself, you must first be yourself. To be yourself takes no special understanding, only a willingness to see yourself as you really are.

As human beings, we were born to be Unstoppable!

This article is an invitation to awaken majestic untapped powers that lie undiscovered deep within your heart and mind. It points to the possibility of a new kind of higher attention and awareness that can grant you access to the deeper and more meaningful life you’ve always longed to know.

Key 1: Wake Up and Win a New Life

Sooner put out a fire with jet fuel than gain the upper hand on some anxious state by throwing more agitated thoughts into its turmoil.

Everyone can agree that no intelligent, conscious man or woman would ever intentionally hurt him- or herself. No one would choose to ache. Yet the fact remains that all of us do hurt ourselves every day when we harbor self-compromising thoughts and feelings like anger, stress, and resentment. Even at the simplest level, there is no doubt that fear and worry take an immense toll on our health and well-being.

So, then, knowing that reasonable individuals would never intentionally hurt themselves, but also seeing that we often do just that, how do we reconcile this apparent contradiction?

Although it may seem startling at first, there is only one possible conclusion to draw from these facts. In those moments when we compromise ourselves, we must be unconscious – even though we think that we are awake! In other words, during those times of self-betrayal when we hurt ourselves or others with negative inner states – even though our eyes are open and all kinds of sensations are coursing through us – we must be asleep to what we are doing. We could not act against ourselves otherwise.

Intelligence does not cause itself to suffer. Yet, we suffer. This means that we have been fooled by a counterfeit intelligence and have accepted its thinking as our own. During those all too familiar worry-packed moments, we are asleep to ourselves. In this strange psychic slumber we dream we are awake even though we are not.

So can you see the solution to this painful condition? Since unawareness of ourselves is the problem, then awareness is the answer. You may not be able to think your way out of a nagging problem, but you can see your way clear of it. This special kind of inner seeing is pure safety. Waking up to yourself is the same as letting go of all those self-defeating thoughts and feelings that have been giving you bad advice on how to win.

Always remember that the unattended mind is the breeding ground of defeat. Choose in favor of real success. Winning the unshakable strength that is the cornerstone of a fearless new Life begins with waking up.

Key 2: Reclaim Your Attention

Whenever we are not present and properly attentive to ourselves, we may be sure the false self is busy attending to something we will be paying for in the days ahead.

One of the most potent powers in our quest to be Unstoppable is the power of attention. If used correctly, it can reveal to us the truth about any situation and lead us to true inner freedom. So let’s examine the remarkable power of attention to learn how it works and how we can use it to make real changes in our lives.

Attention animates. Attention brings things to life. We can see this in operation all the time. Have you ever been thinking about something in particular, and soon discovered that someone else, maybe a friend or co-worker, was thinking the same thing? Or perhaps you’ve been stopped at a red light, and you looked through your car window at a man passing by. You followed him with your eyes, and the next thing you knew he turned around and looked at you! The power of attention almost seems to have a magnetic pull.

This power can be used for good or ill. When we use it for practical work, or for honest self-observation, we use it to our own benefit. However, when this power operates unconsciously to give life to self-compromising ideas, it becomes a barrier to natural strength, happiness, and love.

In every moment, the power of attention allows us to stand on the threshold to a completely different and better world. If we become conscious of the true cause of our unhappiness, we can direct our attention away from its harmful influence.

Imagine that a man is standing outside of his office when his boss walks by and gives him a blank look. Even though nothing is said, the thought pops into the man’s mind that his boss was being critical and has never liked him very much. Instantly, and unconsciously, his attention is focused on this thought, which animates it. Before long, he is convinced that his boss has it in for him.

The thought periodically revisits him for the rest of the day, gradually growing in authority, and eventually causes him to say something mean to his family when he gets home that evening. This is a simple example of how a self-harming negative state can be created out of the conjunction of a neutral event (the passing glance) and misdirected attention.

What’s even more fascinating is that this whole drama has been played out inside of the man, even though he believes it has been cast upon him by someone else – his heartless boss!

It’s easy to see this dynamic when looking at it from the point of view of an innocent bystander, but how many times have we all blamed circumstances outside of ourselves for the way we feel? How many times have we argued with people (either literally or inside our mind) in an attempt to rid ourselves of our own painful thoughts and feelings? If you’re a human being, then the answer is a lot!

The more we feel threatened by situations and events, the more we tend to fight with them – assuming that our problems exist apart from us. But, by and large, problems do not exist apart from our own mind. We often create and perpetuate our own problems by unconsciously allowing our attention to be given to negative thoughts and feelings in the first place.

The great news is that once we understand this secret self-compromising dynamic, we are given the opportunity to break free of it. When we realize that we have the power to direct our own attention, we can begin to dissolve persistent problems once and for all.

So, the second step in winning what you need to succeed with your wish to win in life is to reclaim your attention.

Key 3: Discover the Presence of the Present Moment

The unattended mind lives with unending wants, while the awakened mind understands that its own watchfulness is the fullness it seeks.

The mysterious, timeless place where all of life’s choices are made is what we understand, in concept, as the present moment. But this state of now is not just an idea. It is a place of extraordinary and measureless power.

The present moment is where our nature and our being meet. Being can be described as a timeless unconditioned energy that animates our nature. Our nature can be thought of as the collection of all of our past experiences and conditioning. Where our being and our nature meet in the present moment is the instant of our destiny. Until now, we’ve had little choice in how our fates unfold, because it’s always been our nature – our accumulated past with all of its fears, compulsions, and doubts – that has been guiding our decisions.

Our present nature is based entirely in thought. Which leads us to an important point: Despite what we may think, we do not need to think to know ourselves! In fact, the present moment itself is literally beyond thought.

We all know this instinctively. After all, aren’t the best moments in our lives – the moments when we are the most alive – those in which thought isn’t a participant? A perfect sunset. A shared moment of love with our husband, wife, boyfriend, or girlfriend. In those moments, it’s as if our mind stops, and we are just left to be who we are.

There is a special feature of our consciousness that can connect us to the present moment whenever we choose – not just in rare moments of beauty, but all the time. This feature can be called Awareness.

Awareness is the most unique feature of a human being. Unlike all other creatures, our awareness of the present moment is the present moment.

When you begin to become more adept at remembering to engage with this higher kind of self-presence, you’ll see that this special awareness of yourself is the same as the present moment in which you just became aware. They are one and the same.

This point leads us a powerful inner realization: Your awareness of the present moment, which is a secret part of your true Being, knows what’s best for you – without thinking about it. It knows because it sees. Where your usual nature is often blinded by fear, your Being, represented in the moment by your awareness of it, effortlessly sees into – and through – this unconsciously compromised thinking even as it’s happening. And the presence of this higher intelligence keeps you from defeating yourself, which is the same as making you newly victorious! For each time you have the awareness to not choose from the bank of old patterns produced by the limited thought nature, new and higher alternatives appear before your inner eyes.

With this new intelligent guide, designing your own destiny is as effortless as you are now confident. After all, how can you not succeed when Reality itself points the way!



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