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Are You Raising Brats or Successes?

Dani Johnson 12-17

Are You Raising Brats or Successes?When was the last time you were in public and had a peaceful, quiet experience? In a lot of places, whenever you see kids in public, you think, “Oh boy, this is going to be terrible! They’re going to be loud and rude and throwing fits!”

Wherever you might live in America, when you go out in public you’ve just come to expect rowdy or misbehaving children. And that is really unfortunate! Imagine a world where kids did not throw tantrums just because they couldn’t get something they wanted.What if they were very respectful, all from a very young age?

When I am out and I see these kids who are wild and out-of-control, I automatically mentally fast-forward and say to myself, “Man, if you let that 2-year-old be rude and obnoxious and manipulative now, then they’re sure going to be that as an adult. That is just a recipe for disaster!”

Whose kids are these anyway?

Most people give birth and just hope for the best. If that is your ultimate parenting plan, you are setting your child up to fail. You don’t have to keep guessing! Use this guide book to set your child up for success.

I decided I was going to train my kids to follow a different path. Hans and I have chosen to raise our kids to be respectful and honorable, and to be mindful of others, whether they are at home or in public.

How you train up a child when they are young really affects how they turn out as an adult. They have a greater chance of succeeding in life if they are groomed for success from an early age. So do yourself a favor and set standards for your conduct and your family’s conduct. Decide to be a family that doesn’t sound like a bunch of ignorant idiots. It’s so important to teach your family good people skills.

I came from a family where no one had any people skills. It was nothing but hostility and screaming and foul language. But I am living proof you can learn good, honorable people skills that will pay off for a lifetime.

A lot of people brush it off and say, “Kids will be kids.” And, sometimes they will. However, the truth is kids can be taught to be pleasant, honorable, respectful human beings. But when you expect or accept your kids being brats, letting them get away with it, you teach them that is the norm. You can decide the norm!

It’s so important for parents and kids alike to read this message today. You and I have a responsibility to prepare the next generation for success. Take a minute right now and pass this along to all the parents, grandparents, kids, teenagers and teachers you know. Leave me your comments below and be sure to post this link on Facebook and Twitter! You CAN impact the next generation!

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