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10 Easy Ways to Build Self Esteem in Children

Joseph S. Rubino 12-17

10 Easy Ways to Build Self Esteem in ChildrenParents can do much to insure that children grow up with the high self esteem that will support their happiness, relationships, fulfillment, and success. Here are 10 specific ways to support their self-esteem development.

  1. Look with the child to identify what may be missing that if put into place would allow him to be more effective, rather than looking for what’s wrong with them.
  2. Assist each child to identify and pursue special hobbies, interests, and passions.
  3. Regularly support children to see the other person’s perspective and to possess empathy and understanding.
  4. Set the example of forgiveness by forgiving yourself, forgiving your children, and forgiving others so that your children might learn to do the same.
  5. Live with gratitude and support your children to be aware of and grateful for their many blessings.
  6. Teach each child to expect success, happiness, rich relationships, and abundance.
  7. Teach children the art of visioning and support them to create a written personal vision for every aspect of their lives and to co-create a family vision with all family members.
  8. Teach children to set goals that are attainable, but a stretch.
  9. Teach them to identify their most prevalent emotional response to stressful situations and to create mood-free interpretations at will that are free of anger, sadness, and fear by developing empathy for the other person’s perspective.
  10. Teach children effective organizational and study skills.



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