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Why He Won’t Make You His Girlfriend…

Michael Fiore 12-17

Krystal from my Facebook Page asks…

“Mike, the guy I’m seeing has an active profile on Plenty Of Fish and says that he’s talking to many women but I’m the only girl he’s seeing and that he likes me, but is always ‘looking’ until he is in a relationship. We have only been seeing each other for 2 month. How should I react? Is this reasonable or is he not satisfied with me?” Krystal

Hey Krystal, thanks for your question.

Before we go any further you should definitely go check out this video I did:

It’s called “What Your Online Dating Profile Secretly Says To Men” and it’ll be a real eye opener for you around how men use online dating and why you might not be getting the quality guys you want.

Now, on to your question:

Lots to cover here so we’re going to resort to my Fiore-patented numbered list of stuff.

1. I say this a LOT (in books, on the podcast, heck, I even say it to myself while I’m in the shower, which is kind of weird). 

Until you and a guy have a conversation where you explicitly say that you’re in an exclusive relationship you are single.

Way too many women make the mistake of putting all their eggs into one man’s hairy-chested basket after a couple dates and expect the guy to do the same. This is what is commonly referred to as “dumb.”

And since you don’t have a boyfriend (and are therefore single) you should be dating *other* guys and leaving YOUR options open as well.

A lot of women in your situation would make the mistake of trying to be super-sweet and making him dinner and bending over backwards (and forwards) to make him happy and trying to convince him that you’re “Girlfriend Material” and that he’s just wasting his time looking at other women.

But that never works and actually comes across as needy.

All you’ll do by trying to “make him” like you the way you want to be liked is build bitterness and anger in your heart and fill his head with the idea that you don’t have any self respect.

2. “Is this reasonable or is he not satisfied with me?”

These are actually two totally separate questions.

Is it reasonable that he still has his online dating profile up after you’ve been casually dating for 2 months?

Sure. As long as you’ve actually been casually dating.

It seems to me that you two just aren’t on the same page.

You seem really into him (or at least you really want him to be really into you) and he…
“Likes you.”

Which to me seems like code for “You’re pretty good and I enjoy putting my genitals inside you but you’re not what I’m ultimately looking for.”

Painful, huh?

3. There’s one thing in your email that struck me as odd. (And it’s totally possible this is nothing.)

You said he’s got plenty of “Women” he’s talking to but you’re the only “girl” he’s seeing.

Um . . .Is that some kind of slip?

What makes them “Women” but makes you a “girl?”

OK, Now here’s what you should do:

1. Put your own online dating profile back up. 

Use it. Start going on dates with other guys. Don’t make a big deal about it. Don’t do it to make him jealous. Do it because YOU ARE SINGLE and you should be doing what single women do.

2. Cut back to seeing him once or at-best twice per week. 

If he’s not your boyfriend he does not deserve more of your time and men NEVER appreciate something if it’s too easy to get.

3. If you haven’t already, go to Amazon and grab “Make Him Beg to Be Your Boyfriend” (It’s 3 whopping dollars and you DO NOT need a Kindle to read it.

You can use the Kindle app for your laptop, tablet or phone. So no excuses.

And to finish up let me reiterate one of my most-used Fioreisms;

Never wait for a man.

It doesn’t work. It drives you crazy. It makes him think he can have you without giving you what you want as well.

Got it?




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