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6 Texting Shockers You Must Avoid!

David Wygant 12-17

Sending your man a text message sounds easy enough, but get it wrong and it could be the end of you.

Most of you know how I feel about the digital age, and how it’s totally mutilated the way we communicate with each other. The phone call is a fading memory. These days it’s all about tweets, IM’s and text messages. Can you even remember what life was like before text messaging?

But here’s the thing about text messaging. It’s so easy to misread or misinterpret a text message. I’ve seen so many relationships hit the rocks all because of an argument that started over text. In fact, if you make certain text message mistakes, you can destroy your relationship altogether. So, here are some texting rules you should follow if you want to keep your relationship in tact!

1) Watch your humor I always say it’s important to have a good sense of humor, and I stand by that. Nobody wants to date someone that’s serious all the time. The problem is, when you make a joke via text message, you can’t always be sure the reader is going to get the joke, or understand the tone you intended.

Be careful when you joke by text. It’s too easy to take messages the wrong way. If a guy misreads your message or takes offense at something, you could do serious damage to the way he feels about you. You’re best showing off your best material when you’re actually with him.

2) NEVER text to blow him off! I honestly can’t stand women who cancel dates via text message. I don’t care whether you just gave him your number to be friendly, or whether you did like the guy and now you have cold feet. Whatever reason you have for cancelling a date, or stopping contact with him, pick up the phone and tell him properly. It’s the right thing to do, and it’s always better to end things on good terms. Who knows how you’ll feel about him further down the line.

3) Don’t be desperate! I don’t care if this guy is the most amazing man you’ve ever met. Don’t text him 5 minutes after he’s dropped you home after a date to tell him how much you like him. You don’t want to pretend to be busy and unavailable, buy you also want to avoid coming across as a bunny boiler.

One slight note on this rule however. If HE texts YOU, then make sure you get back to him as soon as possible. It’s fine to make him chase you a bit, but don’t make him wait too long for a response. Decent men won’t play dating games like that. Ignore his texts, and he’ll lose interest in you lighting fast.

4) Stop texting him Now I don’t mean stop texting him completely, I mean keep texting to a minimum. It’s fine to confirm a date, to set up a meeting point, or to send a sexy goodnight message, but apart from that, pick up the phone and let him hear your voice. It’s a much better way to see how well connected you are, and it’s the ultimate way to get him addicted to you. Let him hear your voice. Let him get to know you. It creates desire and attraction.

5) Don’t freak out if he doesn’t respond Keep the bunny away from the stove. If he doesn’t respond to your text messages right away, don’t assume he’s with another woman or gone cold on you. Maybe he is actually working or busy. Give him the benefit of the doubt before you give him too much of a hard time.

6) If you don’t hear from him…Call him! If a guy hasn’t responded to you in a couple of days, don’t freak out, don’t start asking your friends for relationship counselling, and don’t assume the worst. Pick up the phone and say Hi. Maybe he hasn’t seen your message, maybe he’s been busy, or maybe he’s been ill.

Whatever it is, maybe he has a genuine reason for not texting back yet.

If he is a player or just not interested in you, it’s better to find out quickly too so instead of trying to second-guess what’s going on, find out from the source direct. To me, texting is a lazy way to communicate anyway. It’s so much better to pick up the phone and actually connect with someone, rather than reading words on a screen.

Try it sometime. You never know, you might even enjoy it!





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