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Michael Drew 12-17 What History Says About Nature vs. Nurture

Nurturists would argue that our values come from our parents. I think it’s in our very nature to define our own. For one t

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Rose Cole 12-17 3 Tips For When There’s Nothing Healthy To Eat

So last week in Vermont we took a stroll into the one store in the whole town (which was actually a bank, laundromat, hardware s

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Guy Finley 12-17 3 keys to win a new life

To go beyond yourself, you must first be yourself. To be yourself takes no special understanding, only a willingness to see your

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Alicia Pennington 12-17 3 Easy Steps in Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Conception!

Step #1: Ovulation and Importance of Knowing When You are Ovulating for Conceiving a Boy or Girl When you know more about how

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Rose Cole 12-17 What Does Holistic Mean Anyway?

When I talk about the “Holistic Approach” what do I really mean? Basically, I am talking about a looking at your bod

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Jesse Cannone 12-17 4 Secrets to a Flat Stomach

People spend millions, if not billions of dollars, each year in the quest for a flat stomach. Right now there are about

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Stephen R. Covey 12-17 Choosing Not to be Angry

I was teaching the 7 Habits at a professional gathering last week when I experienced something remarkable. While I spoke about H

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Rose Cole 12-17 How To Live Radically Stress-Free

Life is hectic. Whether it’s your job, your kids, your spouse, or just where you live, the stress of life can really take

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Jesse Cannone 12-17 Is Walking for Fat Loss Effective?

With obesity and disease increasing dramatically, many fitness experts are recommending walking for weight loss and fit

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Stephen R. Covey 12-17 Finding Freedom in Prison—The Weldon Long Story

How do you find freedom in prison? I invite you to read the story below as written by Weldon Long. I had the profound pleasure o

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David DeAngelo 12-17 What to Do When Women Test You

“WHY WOMEN TEST MEN, AND WHAT TO DO WHEN IT HAPPENS TO YOU…” Women test men. That’s the reality o

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Jesse Cannone 12-17 Success with Strength Training

Strength training is the most effective way to turn your body into a fat burning machine and stay in great shape! It is

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Stephen R. Covey 12-17 Nothing Fails Like Success

Are you struggling to make changes or respond to changing conditions? I know many people right now are being forced to change th

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David DeAngelo 12-17 How To Evict Your Inner Wussy


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Jesse Cannone 12-17 16 tips to looking + feeling great

1. In the beginning, your fitness program should not be overly aggressive. One of the biggest problems people encounter

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Stephen R. Covey 12-17 Involve People in Problems and Work Out Solutions Together

Organizations from all sectors, of all sizes, all over the world are facing very tough challenges. We are in the midst of a cris

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David DeAngelo 12-17 How to Have Good Conversation on a Date

There are really two very different (and important) aspects to the “conversations with women” topic: 1. The HOW.

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John C. Maxwell 12-17 To Lead Others, First Lead Yourself

During a Q&A session at a conference, someone asked, “What has been your greatest challenge as a lead

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Stephen R. Covey 12-17 Managing Fear and Insecurity

Much of our world is gripped with a sense of fear and insecurity—fear of losing jobs, homes, or our future. In such a stat

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Rose Cole 12-17 Cleopatra Buttermilk Bath Recipe

The other weekend I went to my dear friend Dina’s Baby Blessing, which is a tradition of holding the woman sacred and

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John C. Maxwell 12-17 How Successful People Think

What’s a successful person’s greatest resource in difficult times? Good thinking! Good thinkers are always in dem

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Stephen R. Covey 12-17 How to Land a New Job in a Tough Economy

If you or someone you know is looking for a job, I would like to share a couple thoughts to help you find new work. One of the t

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David DeAngelo 12-17 How to Get Physical With Women

MOST MEN ARE DEATHLY AFRAID… Most men don’t know the FIRST THING about how to take things to a “physical&r

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John C. Maxwell 12-17 10 leadership tips from John C. Maxwell's, The 5 Levels of Leadership book

In John C. Maxwell's latest book, The 5 Levels of Leadership, he offers these tips for business, workplace and organziatio

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Stephen R. Covey 12-17 Most Important Habit?

I am often asked if there is one habit out of the 7 Habits that is more important than the others. Of course, all the habits are

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