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Jonny Bowden 12-17 Why Most Diet Research Sucks

Here's the dirty little secret about diet research. Most of it sucks. There, I've said it. Now I'll show you w

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Bill Henderson 12-17 Professionals Comment About Cancer Treatment

Many doctors have broken the conventional or "allopathic" physician mold and treat cancer and other "diseases&quo

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 The Health Report You Never Read (But Should Have)

I know you get a million newsletters with scary headlines like "The Doctors' Report They Don't Want You to See"

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Bill Henderson 12-17 To Prevent The Cancer Diagnosis, You Should....

All my experience watching people "get" and overcome cancer can be boiled down into one sentence: What we put in our m

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 Ditching Dairy & Gluten Found Effective for Autism

A new study in the Journal Nutritional Neuroscience found a diet without gluten and casein could improve behavior and physiologi

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Bill Henderson 12-17 Now That You "Have" Cancer, What's Your Strategy?

Your doctor has said the "C" word and you're puzzling: "What do I do now? There seem to be so many options. T

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 Soda and the Nanny State

On Tuesday, March 12, on the day before it was scheduled to go into effect, a state judge struck down New York City Mayor Michae

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Bill Henderson 12-17 Specific Cancer Treatment Options

OK, enough of the philosophy! What, specifically, do I recommend you take to overcome your cancer and get "cancer-free.&quo

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Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks 12-17 How to Thrive in Love

We got an early look at Arianna Huffington's new book, Thrive: The Third Metric To Creating A Life Of Well-Being, Wisdom And

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Pamela Jett 12-17 How NOT to Start a Crucial Conversation

I recently had a discussion with someone very close to me about a very difficult and emotionally charged situation for both of u

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Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks 12-17 How To Create A Conscious Relationship: 7 Principles, 7 Practices

As we write this blog we are celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary. Early in our relationship, we set some big intentions: We

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Pamela Jett 12-17 A Powerful Assertiveness Secret

I ran across an interesting research study this morning that posits reaffirming your core values helps you perform better.  

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Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks 12-17 Love And Relationships Can Be Easy

Forget "Working" On Your Relationships -- There's An Easier Way When we first met 32 years ago, there were no b

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Pamela Jett 12-17 Do Not Disturb – Does Not Work

When we close our doors at work it means “I’m very busy – please do not disturb” – right?  It

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Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks 12-17 Relationship Problems? What to Do When Words Fail

Relationships and the Body, Part Two Scientific research is often 20 or more years behind what practitioners have discovered by

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Pamela Jett 12-17 Communicating Praise that Makes an Impact

Giving praise is one of the most positive forms of communication.   However, if all we say is “thanks” or &ldqu

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Arielle Ford 12-17 How to Build a Platform for Your Brand

"I don't buy authors, I don't buy books, I buy platforms." - #1 Self-Help Publisher in the world One of the

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Gay and Kathlyn Hendricks 12-17 Relationship Epidemic: Shutting Out Body Wisdom

Relationships and the Body, Part One Is alexithymia wreaking havoc in your close relationships? Most of us struggle at one

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Pamela Jett 12-17 “Engaging” Questions

It is no secret, employee engagement, or the lack thereof, is a serious problem in many workplaces.  Research study after r

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Arielle Ford 12-17 From Annoyed to Enjoyed

The following excerpt is adapted from the new book Wabi Sabi Love: The Ancient Art of Finding Perfect Love in Imperfect Relation

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Pamela Jett 12-17 Survey Reveals – Communication Most Important

I’ve long suspected the research would bear this truth out – good communication is one of, if not the, most importan

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Gary Ryan Blair 12-17 How to Make Money

Like it, loath it, save it or blow it, the choice is yours. But you simply cannot ignore it. Money is important - it has few equ

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Pamela Jett 12-17 Employee Retention and Communication

According to Deloitte’s fourth annual Ethics & Workplace Survey, one-third of employed Americans plan to look for a ne

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Arielle Ford 12-17 What I Know About Love

The one thing you must do to attract the love of your dreams, the Big Love that will last a lifetime Love is not all things s

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Gary Ryan Blair 12-17 A Candid Conversation on Quality

“A commitment to quality means never having to say you're sorry.” Quality is about love; it's a passionat

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