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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 How Do You Sleep?

Metaphysical teacher Neville Goddard offers us this description of what takes place while we sleep: Sleep is the door throug

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Jim Rohn 12-17 Keeping a Journal - One of the Three Treasures to Leave Behind

If you're serious about becoming a wealthy, powerful, sophisticated, healthy, influential, cultured and unique individual, k

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Denis Waitley 12-17 How Do You Measure Success?

Quality of life, in America today, is often measured by the amount of money you make. Success is defined by the kind of

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Faith Affirming

Faith is the complete reliance on the power and goodness of Spirit and the firm belief that you are always connected to this

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Jim Rohn 12-17 Love the Opportunity

Somebody said you have to love what you do, but that's not necessarily true. What is true is that you have to love the oppor

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Joseph S. Rubino 12-17 Are You Acting from Gratitude, Love, and Trust or Doubt and Fear?

As human beings, we operate daily reflecting a wide range of emotions with a multitude of motivations fueling our behaviors. All

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Dancing with God

Everyone knows the experience of “performance anxiety” whether you are a prima ballerina or a job candidate or a

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 Does it Really Cost More to Eat Healthy?

I want to talk to you about two subjects virtually everyone is interested in: food and money. Specifically, I want to address

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Joseph S. Rubino 12-17 Transform Your Self-talk from Negative to Positive!

The key to reversing the process of self-doubt lies in creating empowering interpretations about what others say or do rather th

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Time to Take a Chance?

One of the most common questions people ask me is some variation on: How can I overcome fear and take a chance? A calle

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 I Ate Ice Cream for Breakfast!

Sunday morning, Michelle and I ate ice cream for breakfast. It gets worse. We also ordered gluten-free pizza from Domino&r

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Joseph S. Rubino 12-17 Complete Your Past

Sue was totally in love with Jim. The couple met in high school and dated for eight years. Everyone who knew them expected them

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Heaven Within

Heaven is a state of mind, not a location, since Spirit is everywhere and in everything. You can begin making a conscious de

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 Take A Vacation from Your Low-Carb Diet

Can you take a five-day “vacation” from your low-carb diet every week and still burn fat? A study suggests that poss

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Joseph S. Rubino 12-17 Climbing the Mountain of Self-Improvement is a Beautiful Thing

As human beings, we are in a constant state of flux - physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Life presents us with a

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 Are You Present?

Have you noticed how often we use up the present moments of our lives, the very precious currency of life, consumed with a l

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 Choose Protein to Build Muscle & Burn Fat

A recent study in the Journal of the American Medical Association found eating a low-protein diet makes your body more likely to

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Joseph S. Rubino 12-17 Embracing Problems

In our culture, we live out of a deeply rooted belief that there are problems and that problems are bad and therefore to be

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Wayne Walter Dyer 12-17 The Gift in the Storm

It is the spring of 2003. I am 62 years old and going through my very first bout of extended deep sadness. I sleep for long peri

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 The Two Worst Foods in the World

Ask 10 people to name the two worst movies ever made and you'll probably get a lot of different answers. Ishtar? Waterworld?

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Joseph S. Rubino 12-17 Eliminating Upsets From Your Life

Whenever you find yourself in upset, examine what the source of the upset is. Doing so will allow you to identify what actio

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Bill Henderson 12-17 Beating Cancer Gently - A Short Course

Feeling overwhelmed with the challenge of cancer? Want to take control of your life and treatment? I can help you. I can show yo

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Jonny Bowden 12-17 8 Simple Rules to Reduce Your Risk Of Dying Early (By 34 Percent, No Less!)

Back in 2007, the World Cancer Research Fund (WCRF), together with the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR), issued the

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Joseph S. Rubino 12-17 Stepping Into Leadership

Why is it that we often wait until we have achieved a level of success in Network Marketing before we feel as though we have

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Bill Henderson 12-17 What Is Cancer, Anyway?

Cancer is not some foreign invader which has to be cut, burned or poisoned in hopes that it will die before the patient dies. No

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