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Andrea Albright 12-17 No More Belly Fat!

Ahhh… Nature. Why does it feel so good to come outside in the sunshine, the fresh air and smell the flowers? Becaus

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Jim Katsoulis 12-17 Myths Of Hypnosis Revealed

I want to talk about the misconceptions of hypnosis.This is so important.As a professional hypnotist, I use these techniques all

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Andrea Albright 12-17 5 Cheap Healthy Foods to Lose Weight and Gain Energy Now!

Healthy Food Number 1 Nuts are amazing. They last… You can keep them in your car, keep them in your purse, keep them i

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Jim Katsoulis 12-17 5 Simple Ways To Reduce Stress In Your Life

Stress is one of the most common causes of illness and disease that exists. Many health problems begin with emotional and physic

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Andrea Albright 12-17 Best Tips For Slim Thighs And A Sexy Butt

    Did you know that your butt and thighs all work together? It’s true, plus the thinner your thighs

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Andrea Albright 12-17 Best Butt Exercises To Lose Weight

    Let’s face it… just about every woman on the planet has thought about including butt ex

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Lisa Ford 12-17 The 5 Essentials to a Customer Experience

There is much conversation around creating a memorable customer experience in order to gain customer loyalty. Whether a fad or

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Anthony Robbins 12-17 The Power of Words: Transform Your Vocabulary, Transform Your Life!

Words have incredible power in our lives. For one, they provide us with a vehicle for expressing and sharing our experi

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Lisa Ford 12-17 Customer Service and the Simple Stuff

Every organization has a chance to deliver a positive customer experience. That experience has many starting points and touchp

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Anthony Robbins 12-17 How to build momentum for success

A few days ago we discussed the reason why Tony Robbins believes the rich get richer and poor get poorer. What he did was sketch

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Lisa Ford 12-17 The Four Things to Stop Doing to Make the Customer Experience Better

The customer experience is all about doing things that will be memorable and of value to the customer. Start with the basics a

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Bruce Muzik 12-17 Four Traits of A Power Manifestor

I get a lot of questions from people about how to get actual real world results from the Law Of Attraction. It'

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Lisa Ford 12-17 Five Steps to Keep Your Customers

Customers are fickle, demanding and opinionated. Keeping your customers loyal, satisfied and saying positive things about you

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Bruce Muzik 12-17 What Nelson Mandela Can Teach Us About Love and Relationships

Nelson Mandela Was A Hopeless Romantic Besides being a freedom fighter and visionary leader, Madiba (Nelson Mandela&

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Lisa Ford 12-17 What Is The Customer Worth To You?

All companies love the idea of keeping their customers loyal. They survey to assess satisfaction, create slogans to inspire an

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Steve G. Jones 05-14 Standards

It is important to have standards. Standards work as a net to catch us when we fall. For example, if we have standards which

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Jon Gabriel 05-14 Visualization

Jon failed time and again at a number of different diets, he discovered that these diets were pushing his body to its limit and

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