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Weight Loss with Hypnosis and NLP

Steve G. Jones 12-17

Greetings from beautiful Southern California, home of the American Alliance of Hypnotists. As we move into summer, many people have weight loss on their minds... the ideal body for that bathing suit, the perfect look at the beach. Even if you don't live in a warm area, you may be traveling to one. Or, perhaps you are a hypnotherapist who works with weight loss clients.

This month I thought it would be exciting for me to share with you how I work with weight loss clients. Of all the services I provide at my Beverly Hills office, the MOST sought after is always weight loss. So, let's take a look at how to accomplish the goal of weight loss with hypnosis and a little NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming).

I always have clients see me for 3-6 sessions depending on the severity of their situation, their financial situation, and their general enthusiasm. Here is how I break down the sessions:

Session 1: Confidence.
In this session, I am focused on raising the client's self-image.

Session 2: Weight Loss.
The focus is on what they now eat which needs to be reduced or eliminated. Additionally, I get them eating healthy foods such as fruits and vegetables.

Session 3: NLP.
Tony Robbins would call this the "Dickens Pattern." I go a step further and combine it with the "Swoosh" pattern. This newsletter is too brief to allow me to elaborate, but within the coming year I will release a book specifically on NLP. Basically, I'm having the client look ahead 10 years and see him or herself. The big question is "Do you like what you see?"

Sessions 4-6: Motivation.
Here I am focused on motivating them to exercise. As I mentioned, I see a client for 3-6 sessions. The number of motivation sessions depends on the client.

For more information on how to successfully hypnotize yourself and others, I recommend my book "An Introduction to Hypnosis". If you already understand the basics and want to move on to the next level, I suggest my second book, "Advanced Hypnotherapeutic Techniques". Both of these books are on CD.

I had a lot of fun recording them and you will have even more fun applying the knowledge and seeing positive changes in yourself and others.

For a weight loss CD that takes you through a weight loss session, I suggest purchasing my powerful Weight Loss CD.

Have a wonderful June and I'll talk to you next month!



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