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No More Belly Fat!

Andrea Albright 12-17

No More Belly Fat!Ahhh… Nature.

Why does it feel so good to come outside in the sunshine, the fresh air and smell the flowers?

Because it actually resets your brain.

There are studies that show how when you connect to nature, you automatically feel more peaceful and more relaxed.

Usually when we think about losing weight, exercising, sweating, and pushing ourselves really hard comes to mind.

But actually, relaxing is so important…

And it’s so healthy for your body and for your mind.

When you’re always going, going, going, you’re stressed out all the time and you release stress hormones like “cortisol”. This makes you store fat and will prevent you from ever losing weight.

But when you relax, when you take time to slow down, you’re telling your body and your mind that there’s no need to stress out.

This resets your internal universe so you stop secreting those hormones which are making you store fat.

You get to reset yourself and it feels so much better.

 No More Belly Fat!

One of the easiest ways to relax is by connecting to your breath. And that’s very convenient because your breath is always with you, so you can do this anytime, anywhere.

Just find a comfortable, seated position.

You can either sit in your chair or on the floor if that’s comfortable for you.

Get your spine long, roll your shoulders back so your heart is open, close your eyes and inhale for 5 slow counts…

And then exhale for 5 slow counts.

You can do that 3 times, deep inhaling and deep exhaling. When you feel comfortable with that, you can add a movement such as raising your arm above your head.

Breathe deeply into the side body for 5 counts in and 5 counts out.

After you’ve done your 3rd breath, bring your hand back down and inhale with the other side.

By doing really, simple movements that open and expand your body, you’re allowing you’re breath to go deeper.

You’ll be washed with the most amazing sense of calm and peace.

Your breath really is that powerful… try it.

When your body is still and your mind is quiet, it’s amazing what you discover inside of yourself.



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