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Learn Carol Tuttle's #1 Weight Loss Tip

Carol Tuttle 12-17

If you use this tip, it will make a powerful difference in your effort to lose the weight you want to lose.  Your body's natural design is to be fit and healthy.  This tip will open up your body's ability to achieve this state with less effort. Watch the Free video and then refer to the affirmations below for more help with using this tip.

The following are some of my clients' favorite affirmations that can be used to empower your body.  To give even more power to these statements, tap on your solar plexus while you repeat them in your thoughts or out loud:


I am healthy and lean.

I give myself recognition beyond food.

I love myself, I love my body, and fat just disappears.

I look nice; I am active; I am enough; and I count.


I am my ideal weight.

I feel great in my clothes.

I enjoy exercising several times a week.

I can say "No."


It is easy to find other things to do in the evening rather than eating.

I can let down my walls.

I am proud of my body; it did what I told it to do.

My body's natural state is to be lean.


I am fulfilled.

Food is a resource I manage wisely.

My metabolism works great.

My body knows what to do with what I give it.

I am patient with my body as it learns new habits.


Others notice how great I look and feel.

My organs are relieved of overwork.

I am slim and trim.


My body responds to my thoughts.

I am physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually balanced and healthy.

I am whatever I think and feel I am.


Your body IS listening to you!  Free it up to do the job God gave it to do.  Your body's natural, God-given state is to be lean and healthy.  What are you telling your body?  Start empowering your body right now and it will amaze you how strong and powerful it really is and how much more successful you will be in letting go of excess weight and gaining more health.


Other Carol Tuttle Resources Recommended by Dr. Mercola

If you could change anything in your experience with your body and food, what would you change?

Would you want to lose weight?

Would you be more fit and healthy?

Would you have fewer worries and less stress around what you eat?

Would you stop resisting exercising and do it because you love it?

I am grateful that I have achieved all of the above, and I used to have all the above problems and issues with my weight and food. I know how to help you get the answers you are looking for, because I have had to create those answers myself!

I just happen to have spent the last 18 months creating a website that has the best resources I can help you with all in one place.

The Carol Tuttle Healing Center is full of fabulous resources to assist you in clearing the issues that are keeping you fat and unhappy and struggling with food.

The following video sessions that are just a few of the 85 video and audio sessions, will help you achieve excellent results in clearing the emotional baggage and mental programming that is interfering with you getting fit and healthy:

  • Clearing for Weight and Body Issues
  • Clearing for Food Cravings
  • Clearing for Resistance to Exercise
  • Clearing for Overeating and Binging
  • Clearing for Eating Disorders
  • Clearing for Low Self-Esteem

Here is just a couple of the 50 min. audio seminars available on The Carol Tuttle Healing Center:

  • Clearing Limiting Beliefs about Weight and Body
  • Creating a Solid Self-Esteem

Members of the Healing Center have reported significant results in changing their emotional and mental programming and are losing weight with a lot less effort.

One member reported doing the Clearing for Weight and Body Issues just once, and she has lost 7 pounds in 4 weeks..

With the holidays approaching and more events that have a lot more food, now is an excellent time to clear your limiting patterns with your weight, body and food.



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