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1 Minute “Fat Stripping” Exercise

Andrea Albright 12-17

Like my shirt says, “Nothing worth having comes easy.”

This exercise is super simple but you have to work hard. You’ve got to do 1 minute without stopping.

I know you can do this. We’re going to do my favorite fat-stripping exercise. It’s called “Burpees.”

So, let me demonstrate how you do a burpee in 3 different levels so that you can listen to your body and never extend yourself past the point to where you injure yourself.

We’re also going to be using an iPhone, or a timer, even as stopwatch would work great. We’re going to set it for 1 minute, so that when we’re ready to go, we’re going to go.

Put it on the ground right next to you.

We’re going to do 1 minute of one of the most powerful, fat-burning exercises. First, I’m going to demonstrate the levels of a burpee.

So for level 1, you’re going to jump up, come down, step the right back foot, step the left foot back. Then step the right foot forward, step the left foot forward and jump up. So, that’s level 1.

If you’d like to go further, we’re going to sink down deeper, then Jump up, come down and bring both feet back together. Bring both feet forward and then jump up again. That’s level 2.

If you’d like to go to level 3, you’re going to sink down really deep, jump up, then you bring your hands down. Then jump back, bring your feet forward to your hands, bring your feet back, come back up and jump off.

All right, so those are the 3 different levels. 

Are you ready to go? Take a deep inhale, exhale. Find your center or find your strength inside of you.

Grab your iPhone, set it down next to you. When we press start, we’re going to go for 1 minute without stopping. I know you can do this.

Let’s go.

Deep breath in, exhale, jump up. Wherever you are, remember, you’re chiseling away the fat all over your body.

So really focus on why you want to get fit, why you want a great body.

It’s easy to focus on all the parts of your body you don’t like but now we want to think about why we’re doing this, what is your why.

You can do this.

If you want to feel great in your bikini, if you want to have more energy, if you want to feel sexy and strong, keep going and keep breathing. 

We did it! Nice work. That was 1 minute of one of the most powerful fat-burning exercises.

You can hear it in my voice; I’m really out of breath. My thighs and arms are burning, while my full body is stripping away fat.

Use this exercise any time you want to look great, feel great and you’ve only got 1 minute.

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