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Healing through Clearing

Katrina Love Senn 12-17

Are you ready to live a life that you love? Would you like to lose weight naturally, find the courage to do some thing new? Or how about finding some clarity and space in your life?

Clearing out your clutter is a very simple, but powerful healing tool that you can use to heal and transform your life. So, how does this work?

Clearing clutter gets rid of the old stuff in your life and in the process it creates new space in your life. This allows for new possibilities to flow naturally and easily into your life…

Many years ago, I started to study the energy dynamic of clutter when I stumbled upon the work of UK Feng Shui & healer Karen Kingston. It was through her book, ‘Clear Your Clutter’ that I was introduced to the idea that clutter in our lives is simply ‘old, stuck or stagnant energy.’

This idea resonated with my immediately and I became an avid de-clutterer!

Clearing clutter creates new possibilities in your life.

Clearing clutter gives you the ability to see what is serving you in your life and what is not. As you get clarity on what is working in your life, this insight and awareness, makes it easy to make new and empowering decisions. Things such as who you want to spend time with and what you want to do with your time become obvious.

With less stuff cluttering up your life you will have more time to do the things that you want to do. This clarity is a gift. It creates new possibilities in your life that will help you to easily release resistance and procrastination.

Over the years, from simply ‘clearing my clutter’ I have personally experienced many profound ‘break-throughs.’

Getting started on clearing clutter.

As you begin to clear clutter, you need to make the distinction between different types of clutter. Use this article to help you to differentiate the 3 different types of clutter, so that you can get started today on releasing clutter from your life.

Distinguish between the 3 different types of clutter.

(1) Dirty clutter:

This is the type of clutter that needs to be tidied or cleaned. This might be certain rooms in your house, tables, floors, benches, cupboards, carpets, clothes or the inside of your car. Look at areas like your refrigerator, your kitchen cupboards, your computer, your windows, your front door, your car or your garage.

(2) Big piles of clutter:

This type of clutter is the “stuff” that accumulates and mounts up. It can happen anywhere but typically it might be letters on your desk, bills that have mounted up that need attention, piles of stuff behind doors, in corners, up in the attic, in high or low cupboards or in garages. This type of stuff accumulates over time. It might be rubbish that needs to be tidied up, taken to the tip, bills that need to be sorted out or papers that need to be filed.

(3) Broken or old clutter:

Finally there is stuff that is broken or stuff that you have simply outgrown. This “stuff” acts as clutter and takes up precious space in your life. Think of old clothes in your wardrobe or broken stuff that needs to be fixed. With this type of clutter make 3 piles: stuff to give away to charity, stuff to sell or stuff to be fixed.

Clearing clutter can heal and transform your life!

If you are ready for a break-through in your life, I highly recommend you set aside some time to begin clearing away the clutter in your life. Once you have cleared your clutter, you will feel amazing; happier, lighter and free!

This is because as you clear up the physical clutter in your life, you are literally healing yourself from the inside. This creates space and possibility for the “new” to enter your life.

Use this weekend to clear away your clutter. Let this enable new opportunities, connections and ideas, so that you can start to change your life and begin to live a life that you love.



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