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Cleansing with Natural Salt

Katrina Love Senn 12-17

When was the last time you had a long soak in a hot salt water bath? Now I'm not talking about any old salt. And definitely not the old table salt. No No No No No!!! So what do I mean.... Natural sea salt (the stuff from the sea!) is NATURAL, unchemicalised, untouched by humans and is full of ions that totally recharge and energise the body.

Another great use of natural sea salt, when you are feeling in the need of a pick me up there is nothing better than a glass of alive water with a good pinch of sea salt dissolved in it. Lights you up, gives you instant energy, great for athletes on the field, students studying for exams, stressful days at work or just when you need something extra to keep going ....

Give them a try! Ohh and I forgot to mention, very detoxifying and alkalising so GREAT for losing weight and feeling FAB!



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