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7 Steps to Overcome Feeling Stuck

Katrina Love Senn 12-17

When we are feeling stuck or unmotivated in our lives, there is always reason(s) for this. When this happens it's a great time to notice what's going on and move energy both in our body and lives. This is when we may (un)consciously reach for our "crutch" or support - oftentimes this can be anything that suppresses feelings and common habits are indulging in excess food, coffee, work, alcohol or drugs.

When this happens it's important to stop and notice what the feelings are and what's happening in your life. Know that you always have choices and options ... Instead of repressing feelings and emotions allow yourself to be honest and acknowledge what you are feeling. Give yourself a gift and choose to indulge in healthy and nourishing activities that feed your amazing mind, body and soul! Here is a list of some of my favourite things that I love to do when I'm looking for new ideas and inspiration... These make you feel good and move you closer to your dreams.

1. Clear some clutter - Feng shui consultant, Karen Kingston suggests that clutter is simply stuck energy ... so when you feel stuck you probably won't feel like clearing out stuff but this is such an effective tool (and cheap too!) just go ahead and clear clutter anyway (cupboards, wardrobes, cluttered corners, really anything is perfect!) ... don't delay! Once you start you might even find that it's quite hard to stop!!!

2. Exercise - go for a big long walk somewhere... just be with your thoughts and ideas, allow new energy to flow into your life and stuck energy to be dissolved. I find that even a 20 minute walk is enough to alter my consciousness and move energy.

3. Take some time out - Have some alone time and let go of any repressed emotions, feelings or fears - Play, laugh, cry, beat a pillow, splash some paint, journal your ideas or feelings, write a gratitude diary, go to the movies .

4. Meditation - Connect with your guides, god and the magic of the universe - inspirational, calming and relaxing!

5. Make a dream board - easy, fun, powerful AND keep in mind that there are NO rules, so play with this and create something amazingly beautiful that excites you.

6. Get inspired - Read an inspiring book or watch an inspiring movie. A guaranteed way to change the way you feel.

7. Make some fresh mint tea - When nothing else is working often a nice cup of tea with a dear friend can help change everything.



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