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3 Signs You Are Ready for Healing…

Katrina Love Senn 12-17

Have you been feeling intuitively drawn to explore the path of healing?

Through my healing work, I have had the opportunity to work with people navigating a wide spectrum of life challenges.

During this time, I have noticed that there are consistent signs that pop up when people are ready for healing.

In this article, I’d like to explore 3 of these signs to help you decide if you are ready to start your healing journey…

Sign #1: You are feeling pain in your life and are open to doing something different.

Pain has the ability to quickly interrupt established habits, routines and ways of doing things. Whilst the idea of initiating change in life can be painful, when our own pain levels increase, then change becomes possible.

When our pain is considerably greater than the perceived pain of changing familiar routines, then you enter the zone where sustainable change can happen and healing can occur. Before this, there is often much resistance, self-sabotage or uncertainty.

Many people come to healing work, when they are in pain. That was how I discovered healing… My body broke down days just before my 20th birthday and I ended up bed-ridden for months. Looking back I can see that it was my pain and suffering that was my doorway to healing.

Sign #2: You are over-riding your body or your body’s feedback.

Are you someone who is constantly over-riding the messages of your body? If so, it is likely that you might feel run down with constant colds, flu or infections., or more seriously, chronic exhaustion or even complete burn out. Know that your body is always talking to you, and if you are getting more than your fair share of sick days, then it is trying to tell you something important. Maybe it is time to slow down and rest.

A healing client of mine had spent years ignoring all the messages and signs that her body has been lovingly sending her for years. When she first came to see me, she was working through a number of health challenges, including weight gain, liver problems and chronic exhaustion. She had spent so much of her life putting the needs of others first, whilst overlooking her own.

It's a common pattern that I see, particularly in woman.  After her healing session, she became much more aware of the unconscious behaviours that were running her life.  With new levels of awareness she has been able to make some subtle shifts in her life, that have made all the difference.

Sign #3: You have had an emotional ‘shock’ or trauma in your life

Life is full of surprises; some good, happy ones, and others that shock our emotional system requiring processing, expressing and exploring in order to heal from.

Your emotions are like a river and need to flow. If you have recently been exposed to an emotionally stressful event, serious accident or unexpected loss, then healing can be very useful at this time to help you to feel and fully express your emotions.

These types of unexpected events have the ability to totally disorientate us, leaving us feeling empty or maybe asking deeper questions about life. Healing can help you to navigate your own emotional journey that you find yourself on.

A few years ago, I worked with a lady who had experienced a sudden loss of things that were very dear to her heart. In a very short period of time she had lost her partner, her house and garden as well as being diagnosed with a chronic illness.

As we worked together, her feelings poured out of her, and she said it felt so good to express them. I told her that emotions are energy and that energy always wants to move.  I encouraged her to connect with her emotions using her breath, so that she could acknowledge, release and let go of what wanted to leave her life, and in the process, open to all the new things that wanted to enter her life.

Today, she is happily expressing herself as a full-time artist. She said that in hindsight even though that was a challenging time in her life, she now sees that she had to let go of who she had been in order to be who she is today.
Are you ready to heal?

Know that the challenges you face in your life today are a call for you to step onto your own healing path. The big question is 'are you ready?'

If you know that you are ready for healing ask the Universe to support you. Ask to be connected to a healer, who has undergone their own personal transformation who can help guide and support you on your journey.

Pain, trauma, stress and shock are an invitation to heal. And, when your body and life are in perfect balance, then you will naturally create and experience vibrant health and happiness.



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