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5 Cheap Healthy Foods to Lose Weight and Gain Energy Now!

Andrea Albright 12-17
5 Cheap Healthy Foods to Lose Weight and Gain Energy Now!Healthy Food Number 1

Nuts are amazing. They last… You can keep them in your car, keep them in your purse, keep them in your office.
Stack nuts everywhere around your home and around your office and everywhere you spend a lot of time because there’s nothing better to satisfy your hunger cravings or give you fast energy than a handful of raw natural nuts.
Make sure that there’s no chemicals or salts or any of that extra stuff, just natural nuts.
It’s delicious. It’s amazing.
I eat almonds like they’re going out of style and I remember growing up and my family and my parents used to say, oh, almonds are so expensive, but if you look at how much less of them I actually eat, I’m saving way more money than I was when I was eating bags of potato chips every day.

Healthy Food Number 2
Eggs are really an amazing source of protein.
They are full of the healthy protein that your body needs to keep your digestion satisfied and to give your body the energy and the nutrients to build muscle and all of that.
If you want to eat the whole egg, eat the whole egg; if you want to eat the egg white, eat the egg white.
But whatever you prefer, eggs are great at the same time cheap protein sources. You really can’t get any cheaper than eggs!
Healthy Food Number 3

My third favorite cheap and healthy food are vegetables.

If you chop up vegetables, throw them with a bunch of eggs, you can eat your vegetables a lot easier.
You canmake omelets, scrambled eggs, or frittata and then bake it in the oven.
There’s a lot of things you can do with eggs and you just add as many vegetables as you can. Vegetables actually are not expensive.

Broccoli and asparagus or green leafy vegetables like kale, avocados are amazing, tomatoes, snap peas, onions.

These are all vegetables that are affordable and delicious and they’re available at your local grocery store. Chop them up and put them in an egg white omelet or you can scramble them all up together. Add lots of seasonings like salt and pepper or if you want to put salsa or some kind of seasoning on top of it. Just make sure it doesn’t have any of those crazy chemicals or weird ingredients inside.

Healthy Food Number 4

My fourth favorite food that’s cheap and healthy are beans. Beans are amazing source of protein and you can pretty much get them anywhere in the world.

They also have carbohydrates so they’re going to keep you energized. Stay away from any of the canned beans that have the chemicals; make sure you read the ingredients. Choose natural beans such as black beans, pinto beans, lima beans. I mean there’s all kind of beans that come in little cans. So buy and stock up beans, keep them in your pantry and when you need a meal and  fresh source of protein, you can cook it anytime. They actually go really well with the eggs and other vegetables to make it really delicious. So start every morning with egg whites, vegetables and beans. The healthiest breakfast you can get. Get energized and lose weight. 

Feel great and you’re not going to spend a lot of money at all.

Healthy Food Number 5

My fifth favorite food is the cheap, healthy and delicious oatmeal. Oatmeal is available everywhere.

You want to buy it in bulk if you want to invest. I mean the more you buy, the more you save, right? So you can actually get a lot of oatmeal. It doesn’t go bad as long as it’s contained in a good storage container.

Don’t get those chemical or the flavored oatmeals; get just natural whole oats.

Read the ingredients and make sure that it’s the only ingredient. Just plain oatmeal. Figure out how to cook it really fast.  Just add water, boil, and then let it sit for a while. I like the whole oats, I like the regular.

These are just  examples of some of my favorite healthy and cheap foods that you can eat everyday to lose weight. Have have energy, feel great, and be the person who you want to be.

Live the life you want to live. Food is our medicine.

In fact, food is the best medicine. I encourage you to stock up on these foods, keep these foods with you all the time like nuts, eggs, vegetables, beans and oatmeal. We didn’t include fruit in there, but I like fruit too. Fruit is also healthy and delicious!

So there you go, natural foods you can get anywhere. Stock them up in your home and in your office.

Make sure that you commit to being a person who’s going to eat healthy.

Once you decide that’s who you are! Amazing how all those excuses that you used to make about, “I can’t afford it or it’s too hard” or “it takes too long”, suddenly  all goes out the door and you just say, “you know what, I’m just going to do whatever it takes.

When you COMMIT to eating healthy foods, you will be AMAZED at how easy it is to make it fit into your budget and you will FIND healthy and cheap foods around you everywhere.



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